MRI Machine (Vox)

MRI Machine (Vox)

MRI (or Magnetic resonance imaging) has been used in various medical applications to show more information about various structures in the body that cannot be readily seen by the naked eye. MRI machines have been used to check the welfare of a growing child and many other applications that are on the safe side.

A video by Vox showed people how life really looks through an MRI machine, and the clincher that topped it off was how sex looked behind those pulsing magnetic waves. The NSFW video revealed other everyday occurrences like talking, blowing a horn, people drinking pineapple juice, a child being born, and other important stuff that is indeed interesting. But the video topped it off with people having sex.

The video went viral and has nearly 23 million views! Besides the whole “scientific” purpose of the video, many of those viewed had something to say about sex in the MRI machine.

Commenter by the name of Nazareadain said, “So did somebody just go ‘FOR SCIENCE!’ and f— in an MRI, or was this one of the more awkward ways of getting caught in an office romance?”

Another commenter by the name Dat Angus Tho jokingly said that this video became a new genre of porn.

Other than the actual depictions of bodily functions in the video, user AnthonyMojO92 commented that “the music definitely didn’t help this be any less creepy.” The video, while already feeling as if from a horror movie, was coupled so conveniently with the appropriate tune that is akin to a psychopath on the loose.

The video is both educational and disturbing because of depicting scenes that would rather not be present on a video site that has strict censorship rules. It explored the depths of science and how it can help shape our understanding of human life and sex. The sex aspect of the video was an eye-opener because it provided something that we normally do not see in an MRI machine. This provides us with a new perspective of things, and we learn to appreciate the disturbing.

While sex is only one part of the video, it is important to note that the video explores how important MRI is in our lives and how it can improve research and understanding of the human body.

If you dare, here’s the link to the video courtesy of Vox. It is NSFW.



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