Feminism was once considered to be a radical movement of women who hated men, hated how men were given more opportunities, and, in general, this subculture of women being the lesser. Celebrities (such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce) with a huge following of young fans are pressured and encouraged to use the term feminism when they are speaking and promoting themselves as a way to bring light to this topic, as well as also gain a new inspiration for the younger generations. While the importance of feminism is a topic that needs to have recognition, feminism also needs to be explained so that it is understood as more than just a fad, and so people understand the impact of feminism.

Feminism As a Social Movement

Many people believe feminism to be nothing more than women wanting to have the same equal rights and opportunities as men, but in all reality it is much more complex than just that. One of the main components of feminism is the intersectionality. Intersectionality is the study of overlapping social identities and related systems. Imagine every single person on this earth, then factor in their gender, race, class, sexual orientation, religion, and any other classification, and then test the theory of intersectionality. This particular framework helps people understand the injustice and the inequality that occurs on a huge platform of various forms.

Celebrities Impact on Feminism

If these celebrities are going to speak about feminism, then they also should have a complex understanding of the real meaning of feminism, rather than just a simplified version. While it is challenging, it’s hard to comprehend in the beginning and it should be put under a microscope. The proper comprehension of feminism will add value to the meaning of the word; plus, it will take on an entirely new role when it’s being used in the general public and when celebrities decide to take a stand.

The Impact of Feminism

While people work on digesting the definition of feminism and try to wrap their brains about what it really means, it’s also important that we never think of feminism as a product. Celebrities, people of power, and even those that do work on a positive note should focus on the impact of feminism. Helping countries, communities, and even doing something globally with the emphasis of feminism will help cultures and people understand there is so much more to this term.


Where will feminism go in the future? Do you have a take on the future of feminism and what role it will play in your life?