Our Founding Father Cody’s Hilariously Weird 30th Birthday Video

Article Cats was created by a person. His name is Cody.

He inspires us to think outside the box and run rampant with our wonderful ideas. And today, on his birthday, we decided to make a film-metaphor for the inside of his mind, on this special day. If it’s hectic, it’s ’cause it’s brilliant. If your head can’t stand the sound, then you must not be capable of love.

This is an epic illustration of the beautiful insanity that is the mind of our founding father.

Happy birthday dad.

You’re welcome.

Additional image: Flickr



Jack Nelson
Jack Nelson
Jack Nelson hangs out in his cage most days, eating banana cheeseburgers and flinging poo at the people that feed him. He has a pilot's license and his favorite thing to do is go white water rafting. His aspirations include being able to hold down whiskey, safely torment the big cats, meet Jane Goodall and John Goodman; but most importantly, he wants to get out of this zoo life.