Gym Clothes Every Day? It’s Athleisure!

What used to be frowned upon as a fashion faux pas is now what the cool kids do. We’re talking about wearing gym clothes every day.

Wearing Gym Clothes Every Day is In Style

Wearing gym clothes every day is no longer for the fitness fanatics. The style has been adopted and loved by fashionistas as well. Yes, let me repeat that: wearing gym clothes every day for non-workout activities is okay and even considered cool.

Gym clothes, activewear, or sportswear (call it whatever you want) are the must-have items of the moment. This new trend is dubbed “athleisure.”

“It’s a blanket term for activewear that’s not really meant to be sweat in at all,” says Vogue. It’s the new “gym-to-street uniform.”

It’s the latest fashion buzzword that has its roots in two very opposite words, “athletic” and “leisure.” It’s a hybrid in terms of style, too, combining functional sportwear with comfy casual wear. Basically, it’s clothes you can wear exercising or shopping.

The rise of the athleisure trend is attributed to our overtaxed schedules. Because we live very busy lives, we need clothes that transition from one activity to the next, clothes that give us function without trading off style.

Wearing Gym Clothes Every Day for Comfort

Activewear is no longer limited to the gym or only worn for workout. Athleisure gear is fit for high-performance workout routines as well as for strutting with comfort and style on the streets.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a high-performing athelete or not. “The look fits into anybody’s casual wardrobe,” says Corinna Werkle, Reebok’s head of design and apparel excellence.

Aside from leggings, which Nike CEO Mark Parker calls the “new denim,” athleisure style includes clothing pieces such as yoga pants, crop tops, sweatshirts, and trainers. These items are made from fabrics that breathe well and wick away sweat. Athleisure gear can stretch and contour to any body shape and is lightweight and waterproof. In other words, they’re made for comfort.

Get the Look

You can always decide to look like you’re running a marathon, but the key to this look is to remember it’s an “upscale, fashion-forward look,” advises Simons, a Canadian fashion retailer. When wearing gym clothes every day, it’s really about unexpected pairings in soft-structured, luxe fabrics with a nod to detailing.

creative director Adam Glassman has the following tips on how to get the athleisure look right.

1. Layer your look. Pair activewear with fashion-forward pieces. For example, yoga leggings with a posh top and trench.

2. Accessorize. Bold heels, bracelets, and other high-fashion accents make casual outfits more interesting. Meanwhile, sneakers, chuncky watches, and other relaxed pieces make for a more structured look. 

3. Sporty details. Mesh, racing stripes, and pops of neon can turn your casual style into an athleisure look.


Do you wear your gym clothes every day or do you reserve it for when doing workouts only?

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