Top Unknown Authors You Should be Reading

A good book can really change the way you see the world. It can give you a new perspective on life and take you on an adventure that you could never personally experience. Whatever your favorite genre might be, you likely understand that thrill that can only come from reading a book. Of course, none of this would exist without authors. Authors are the ones who pour their hearts and souls into the book, creating a world for you to enjoy over and over again. Whether just offering a single book or well along in their writing career, here are some great unknown authors you should definitely be reading.

Calvin Baker

Writing commonly about American identity in the world with a focus on race and multiculturalism, Calvin Baker has four major books published now, with his latest one released just this year. Of course, though you might not have heard of him, Baker has received critical acclaim for many of his works. Among those, his book Dominion was a finalist for the Hurston-Wright Award and was named as one of New York Newsday’s Best Books of the Year; they are both significant accomplishments.

Matt Bell

If you like something a bit gritty and dark, you may also be interested in checking out Matt Bell’s various works. Focusing on ark fiction, Bell flies a little more under the radar than some on this list, but his works are definitely worth a read. He is known for his work on post-apocalyptic stories, so if you have any interest in those doomsday prophesies you will likely find that he has some stories worth your time.

Roxane Gay

Of course, there’s gritty and then there is brutally honest and Roxane Gay falls into the latter category. With some of her fans comparing her writing to Toni Morrison, she is definitely worth a good read. Though she has a variety of books out now, the place to start would be with Ayiti, which offers readers a blend of both fiction and non-fiction stories, including some poetry.

Kyle Minor

Kyle obviously has some experience dealing with family dysfunction, because his books touch so well on this subject that just about anyone can relate. His realistic writing and ability to make readers empathize is truly a gift and one that will keep you wanting more.


Are there any other authors you have read that you think people need to check out? Any of these authors you definitely recommend as well? Let us know your picks in the comment below!





Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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