Nasty…You Should Probably Wash Those Sheets

I wonder what is lurking in your bed? Our dreams are full of nice surprises but reality might be closer to our nightmares. Here are just a few examples why we should wash those sheets more often than we are.

Fungi In Our pillows

While most people will visualize those lovely and tasty ‘shrooms we add to our dinners, fungi are a wide and (bed) spreading life form. Pillows especially are a place for those spores to find rest. Our pillows’ core will become a density packed doom of ‘shrooms in just a few years containing over a dozen different species of fungi resulting in millions of spores. Aspergillis fumigatus is the most common and has been linked to leukemia and the need for bone marrow transplants.


Where do we go when we feel sick? To bed with a cup of chicken soup and something to drink and stay hydrated. We don’t stop to think we also take our infections with us. We wouldn’t use a handkerchief that someone else has sneezed into. Why would we sleep in the same sheets as someone who has the flu or a really bad cold? Ever had food poisoning? That could add salmonella to your nightmares if you don’t wash those sheets.

Animal Dander

We do love our pets. To varying degrees of course. But we don’t love the dander that accumulates everywhere, including our beds. Animal dander is our pet’s version skin shedding off but we can be allergic. Waking up with a stuffy or runny nose could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Granted, those of us with severe animal allergies won’t have to worry about this since there normally wouldn’t be a pet in the household anyway. But, those of us who have minor reactions can minimize it  if they wash those sheets at least once a week.

Our Own Skin

Though medically possible, we usually don’t have to worry about being allergic to our own bodies. Instead, we have to worry about what it attracts. Bed mites find our dead skin cells very delicious. The more dead skins cell we allow to accumulate because we don’t wash those sheets attract that many more mites into our beds with us. Thousands? Try millions. Now that’s a very strange orgy.

Urine And Feces

No, this is not my keyboard. But, it could be a microsopic version of our bed sheets if we don’t wash those sheets. Our bodies secrete fluids all of the time. Every body opening can secrete at any time. There are two openings more disgusting than the others. This doesn’t even take into account those farts we sneak out the side.

This list doesn’t even include body sweat, soil, lint, cosmetics and the chemicals they use in manufacturing sheets. A reassuring note: we sweat over 26 gallons in bed per year! How did we go from that cute little woman at the beginning to the keyboard from hell? Just imagine a sweet night under the covers with someone cute as a bug’s ear to actual bug ears among other things by morning. That is why we should wash those sheets.


When did you last wash your sheets?

Additional Image: Photopin