Reddit Lays Down The Facts…Which Ones Are Your Favorite?

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April 24, 2016
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Reddit Lays Down The Facts…Which Ones Are Your Favorite?

Reddit has long been known as the cultural center of the internet for off-beat, often intriguing conversations (when its users aren’t watching porn that is) and this contracted writer came across an article that really tickled my fancy (it feels so much more dirty when you type it).

A new thread created by Reddit user Meraname entitled “What’s your favorite ‘Holy Shit’ fact?” has Reddit-ers searching the interweb for all manner of “wtf” and “holy shit” facts and stories from around the globe. These were a few of our favorites, in no particular order, but we wanted to know what y’all thought.

Reddit Lays Down The “Holy Shit” Facts… Which One’s Are Your Favorite?

The original thread post read as such:

“Maybe this is common knowledge but it blew my mind when my veterinarian told me that one litter of kittens can have more than one father.

So if you ever wonder why all your cat’s kittens are different colors, it’s because your cat is a dirty whore… or nature. Whatever.”

The ensuing slew of unbelievable and fascinating “facts” (not all stories could be corroborated) was in and of itself unbelievable and fascinating. Take a look below!

5. Cleopatra’s Family Mangrove

User RichAuntieSkeleton contributed this factoid, right off the bat:

“Cleopatra’s family tree was so tangled that three of her four grandparents were siblings. One of her grandfathers, Ptolemy IX, was also her great-grandfather. Eww.”

4. Selling Sand By The Desert

User Jakkben had this little nugget of “wtf…”

“Saudi Arabia’s sand is such terrible quality, they cannot use it to make glass or anything of the sort, so they have to import it from other places. Like Australia specifically.”

What followed was a series of characteristically racist and nationalist comments, but the general fact still stands, at least according to Reddit.

3. The Show That Almost Went To The Dogs

User raindbowdashtheawesome added this lesser known Hollywood fact:

“Iirc, Rin Tin Tin almost won the first ever Oscar for Best Actor, but the people in charge were afraid that nobody would take the award seriously in the future if they gave the first one ever to a dog.”

Imagine the reaction if this would have happened in our current cultural landscape… #OscarsSoHuman

A follow-up comment by user Jacksonstew summed up the cynicism pretty clearly when he/she said, “Instead, we don’t take it seriously for other reasons.”

2. And The Mother Of The Year Award Goes To…

User VeryDissatisfiedCrow added this bit of maternal wisdom:

“If a female kangaroo is being chased by a predator and she has a joey in her pouch, she will throw the joey away to distract the pursuer. For this reason, kangaroos typically produce two fertilized eggs but hold one in reserve.”

…and millennials thought they had it bad…

1. Urban Development As A Sport

Redditer fat_stig added one of the more mind-boggling “facts” that we saw:

“Town Planning (urban planning) used to be an Olympic sport.”

The confusion was palpable but luckily another Redditer pointed out that there used to be “art components” in the Olympics (the college graduate, starving artist inside of me shed a quick smile before collapsing entirely within itself).


These were just a handful of surprising, interesting facts shared by the Reddit community, but this world is full of fascinating ideas and realities (maybe something we will revisit in the future?) but we want to know some crazy, “Holy Shit!” facts that you might be privy to. So tell us below: comment and share on Facebook!