Making the Case for Mutts: Why to Choose a Mixed Breed Dog


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Caring for an animal is a noble cause, but is it really the best choice to buy purebred from a breeder or pet store? Unknown to many, there are crucial differences between adopting a purebred dog versus a mixed breed dog—or mutt, as we like to call them. Here are some reasons why you should show those mixed breed pups some love.

Mixed Breed Dogs are More Ethical

Most purebred dogs come from cruel puppy mills, but mutts are often salvaged from animal shelters or Craigslist ads—making it more charitable to adopt them. When you adopt a rescue dog from an animal humane shelter, you are saving a life —or at the very least, freeing up space for another homeless dog to survive. You are also fighting the puppy mill industry by adopting a mutt instead.

Mutts are Cheaper


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In general, mutts are less expensive due to fewer health risks and cheaper adoption costs. When adopting a purebred, expect to pay upwards of $200 for the dog itself, high breed-specific grooming costs, and exorbitant medical bills. If you adopt a rescue, many times, the only cost are shots and administrative fees. Although, sometimes mixed dogs can be more expensive if they are intentionally bred “designer breeds,” like puggles (a pug mixed with a beagle). But in general, adopting a mutt may save you thousands over a lifespan.

Mixed Breed Dogs Live Longer

Besides being more ethical and economical, mixed breed dogs are also healthier than their thoroughbred counterparts. The theory of “hybrid vigor” says that a dog’s mixed blood makes them stronger and more durable. Mutts often have a lower probability of being born with genetic diseases, since the cross breeding process naturally weeds out faulty genes. This is proven by the longer lifespan of mutts when compared to purebred canines. In the long run, this means less doctor’s visits and more cash saved.

Mutts are More Distinctive


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Mixed breed dogs are truly unique! Do to the fact that they have varied bloodlines, you never know what you’ll get and no two dogs will be the same. Even littermates can look vastly different from each other.

It’s not just aesthetics at play here either; mutts inherent a mix of personalities, which may make them smarter and easier to train. Your mutt may also have more common sense than a purebred, depending on the breeds of both dogs.

You Are Not Vying for “Best in Show”

Unless you plan on entering your canine into a dog competition, there’s no real point in forking out big bucks for a purebred, aside from personal preference. Fortunately, there are some alternative mixed breed dog competitions for hardcore dog enthusiasts who own mutts as well. Likewise, unless you live on a sheep farm in New Zealand, there’s no point in getting a job specific canine. Nothing says “pretentious” more than someone who lives in a suburban McMansion with a sheep dog—as glorious as this one may be.

Less Fear of Dog Theft

Yes, canine theft is a real thing—and more common than you’d think! Some purebred dogs are attractive to thieves due to their high-class status. Mutts rarely get targeted in the same way, making them far less likely to be stolen.


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This is not to say that purebred dogs aren’t worthy of love, and it’s important to note that getting a mixed breed dog doesn’t guarantee better health and performance, but the cruel industry of puppy mills needs to be stomped out. In the end, all we’re saying is that all dogs need love!


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Zara Zhi
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