Living Room Ideas for a Fall DIY Interior Design

Summer is over, but winter is still a long way ahead. It’s fall, the time for pumpkins, ghouls and turkeys. The trees have started to shed their leaves, and although the temperature is slowly going down, the scenery outside emits a warm glow thanks to the orange and red blanket on the ground. The outdoors is covered in the season. How about your house?

This fall, take a page from nature and bring those vivid colors inside your home. If you’re not into those warm hues, here are other fall decorating ideas you can try to spice up your living room interior design.

Trending Fall Colors

Colors can be a mood-setter. Warm colors give us a happy and contented feeling, while cool colors give us peace and tranquility. Whatever mood you want to be in, there’s a color and theme for you this fall.


Wait—that’s a color? Yes, it is. If you haven’t heard, Marsala is Pantone’s Color of the Year. It is described as elegant, rich and welcoming. Try using it in accent pieces, accessories, or wall paint. It is also a great color to consider when choosing rugs or upholstered living room furniture.

Blue Accent Colors

Blue – believe it or not – is the best complement to marsala. Kerrie Kelly, a Zillow Digs home design expert, suggests getting pieces in indigo blue or deep navy as “their deep natural hues become extra vibrant against warm earth tones like marsala”.

Other blue hues like cobalt blue, royal indigo and watery azure are perfect for rugs and other furniture and accessories for the home. The color is “vibrant yet subdued” and is just the pop you need in the living room. All these blue hues also work great with neutrals like white, silver, gray, black, brown, and beige.

Hues of Orange, Red and Brown

Hues in the brown, red and orange bloodlines are also trending this season. Experts suggest going for an elegant bronze, red wine or pumpkin and asparagus themes. Red wine, copper and orange hues also work great as accents to a soft, neutral colored living room. Lastly, you can never go wrong with orange tones, rich browns or rust colored walls this season.

Trending Designs

These designs will be all over the place this fall. Check them out below!

Plaid Print

Plaid prints are trending this season until winter. Fashion designers like Michael Kors showcased the all-time favorite print on their fall 2015 runways, and the trend has infiltrated the home department as well. This print would look amazing on candles and pillows.

Mixed Metals

Matching metals in a room is something you should definitely stop doing right now, because mixed metals are in. Experts say matching metals give the room more of an intentional look, but mixed metals provide a sophisticated sense of drama and elegance to any environment, says Michelle Jennings Wiebe of Studio M Interior Design.

Metallic accents like a bronze-and-gold lamp fixture, brass table lamps, stools with shiny chrome legs, bronze curtains, or gold accents in furniture and pillows will do the trick.  Even gold painted glass bottles will add a bit of glamour to your living space. 

Going Global

We can’t deny that the world has certainly become smaller and people from different countries are closer than ever before. Take online shopping, for instance. Consumers now have access to global styles and can even buy one-of-kind pieces that remind them of far away places directly from the artisans themselves. One way of incorporating the global look is to have Moroccan rugs, poufs, and lighting.

Au Naturale

Nature-inspired pieces or items with organic forms are a must-have this season. “For example, an elegant table lamp featuring a stunning slice of semi-precious stone, or a table crafted from one solid piece of exotic wood integrates beautifully with the greens, blues, creams and browns found in nature,” says Lori Gilder from The Kitchen Design Network.

That’s the end of our fall trends list. We hope these interior design suggestions have put you in an inspired mood to get creative and make your home feel the spirit of autumn.


When do you start decorating for fall?




Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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