It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Best of Season 1

Dedicated fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia know that every moment of every episode is pure gold, filled with crude and cruel humor, inside jokes, and cringe-worthy subjects. However, there are always skits that make you laugh just a little bit more.

The best scenes from season one have been chosen through painstaking research, endless debate, and multiple deciding rounds of Nightcrawlers.

The Gang Gets Racist

Best moment: Dennis realizing he may have had a drunken threesome with two guys…when he’s not gay. “How’s that ass feelin’?”

Charlie Wants an Abortion

Best moment: When Dennis is offered a blow job for the cost of $10 because he nor Charlie has AIDS.

Underage Drinking: A National Concern

Best moment: Mac getting wasted at a high school party, acting like a total asshole, and not getting asked to the prom.

Charlie Has Cancer

Best moment: Artemis licking Dennis’ face during her Coyote Ugly-themed interview at the bar.

Gun Fever

Best moment: Charlie changing his mind and getting the gun fever, only to get shot later.

The Gang Finds a Dead Guy

Best moment: Finding Pop-Pop’s old “army” uniform, and Charlie keeping the hat.

Charlie Got Molested

Best moment: Mac delivering the news that he wasn’t molested as a child because he was the most “attractive” child around.


Did we miss your favorite moment from Season 1? Let us know in the comments!

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Emily Koo
Emily Koo
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