Who doesn’t remember Hot Wheels? When the new competitor to Match Box debuted in 1968, every kid had to have one. It was a combination of collecting your favorite car along with building a race track that was virtually unlimted in scope as long as you kept buying track. Kind of like a young boy’s version of model railroads. Nowadays, thanks to Youtube, we can see several monster tracks that can take us far into the imagination. Just like setting up thousands of Dominoes can take us almost anywhere. Check out just a few of these cool and greatest Hot Wheels tracks.

Mother Of All Hot Wheels Tracks


This self proclaimed mother of all greatest Hot Wheels tracks takes us for a 2000 foot journey that starts out upstairs and not only goes down stairs but out the door and around the block before returning back to where it started. Along the way, it shows some amazing loops and corkscrews. Best highlight?  Making a jump from one track and into a funnel to continue on its way.

World’s Longest Hot Wheels Track

This one measures out to 1969 feet so it is no longer the longest but, hey, records are made to be broken. Right? This track reminds me of a circuit board so not too many awards for creativity but I gotta give them props for intricacy. Someone actually measured the speed according to scale. If this track and car was full sized instead of 1:64, this car would be traveling at speeds of up to 416 mph or over half the speed of sound (672 mph at sea level). The current land speed record is 763 mph so it is still in the realm of realistic speed. Another comments reports that 416 mph is nothing to other greatest Hot Wheels tracks that are out there.

Ultimate Boy’s Toy

This one is just downright nasty to build. It is also called the world’s tallest Hot Wheels wall track. It was built in place before being mounted to the wall in sections against a seven story building. Esitmated at 60 feet tall, a car manouvered its way down to street level without jumping track. It was built by the Hot Wheels company itself and one lucky boy won the chance to set the car in motion. The car successfully made it all the way down the track. I would hate to drive a life size version of this greatest Hot Wheels track.

Giant Hot Wheels Track

You know it had to be done eventually. Someone would build a lifesize track of the toy. Now, can we find someone to actually drive the greatest lifesize Hot Wheels track? Finding someone proved to be easier than expected but the two chosen had to be a special breed. Tanner Foust is a pro Rally driver and set the record for the largest leap by a four-wheeled vehicle. Greg Tracy is a professional stunt driver and a champion extreme racer. Both drivers were subjected to tests of 10 Gs to see if they could handle the expected 7 G force of the stunt. The stunt took place at the 2012 X Games.

And The Record Goes To…

And how did that record breaking stunt go for Tanner Foust? It happened the previous year in 2011 at the Indy 500. The top of replica of the door you see holding up the starting point is 100 feet off the ground. When he hits the bottom, Foust quickly accelerates to 100 mph and the lift shooting him up in the air. The jump broke the former world record with a distance of 332 feet. Foust was air borne for a total of four seconds before successfully and safely landing on the receiving ramp of this greatest of all Hot Wheels tracks.


Be Honest.  Would You Like To Drive A Life Size Hot Wheel?