Beer is the 5th most consumed beverage around the entire world. If you don’t regularly drink it yourself, odds are someone close to you does. In the United States, the craft beer scene in particular has exploded during the last decade. Simply put, beer is an extremely popular beverage and right now that continues to rise. What you might not know is that about 90% of the ingredients used in beer actually end up going to waste during the typical brewing process. But, what if a company came up with a way to utilize these leftovers so you could eat your beer? Thanks to ReGrained, you can actually answer that question.

A New Way To Enjoy Beer

Founded by Jordan Schwartz and Dan Kurzrock, ReGrained didn’t start out with the intention to create something new. In fact, this duo was more interested in brewing their own beer. After finishing the brew and observing the leftovers, they questioned why there wasn’t a better use for them available. Finding out that this grain was still edible, they wanted to do something that was never done before. With a little bit of research and an enterprising mentality, they were able to come up with the ReGrained concept. By recycling the grain, they could not only offer you the ability to eat your beer, but they also were able to make it taste good.

Eat Your Beer And Avoid Waste

Of course, environmentally-conscious consumers are looking at this as more than just another way for breweries to make money. Instead, they are recognizing that companies like ReGrained offer a unique conservation opportunity. Rather than wasting the grains and other bi-product used in brewing, they are able to reuse everything and offer a quality snack you can enjoy. Since these bars are rich in fiber and protein, they are pretty healthy too.

Before you get too excited though, the bars don’t actually taste like beer. Instead, the creators suggest that these bars have a somewhat nutty flavor. If you are used to eating meal bars like this, that shouldn’t be anything new to you though. So, while you might not want to drink beer while biking, hiking, or climbing, you can still take along some of your favorite beverages on your next trip by packing some of these bars.

An Inventive, Entrepreneurial Approach

Prior to ReGrained, there were actually some options out there for breweries looking to recycle their waste. Some farmers would buy the leftover grain from rural brewers and use it as fertilizer or feed on their farm. Alternatively, those in more urban areas could sell their grain to certain fertilizer companies that would use the waste. Regardless of what route they took, none of the options offered much of a benefit nor does it really utilize the grain to its fullest potential. After the founders of this company realized that this leftover grain was still edible, they looked to change that approach. Whether you are an entrepreneur yourself or not, you have to offer some respect to this sort of out-of-the-box thinking. People have been brewing beer for so long, so why has no one thought of repacking the grain?


What do you think about this new way to  eat your beer? Are you interested in trying these new bars from ReGrained or do you think it is just another failed endeavor? Let us know why in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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