Summer is the perfect time to head out for a weekend (or longer) camping trip. Holidays, long weekends and warm weather make summer camping trips seem natural. Camping provides a number of cool advantages over other vacations, including saving money, spending time in nature, and a chance to unwind and decompress away from all of the busyness and activity that so often accompanies normal life. Still, despite all of the benefits of camping, it can also bring some challenges as it requires adjusting to not having most of the conveniences we often take for granted. These camping DIY ideas will help you enjoy your camping vacation while still saving money.

Camping DIY Wash Station


Going without running water is probably one of the first challenges you’ll notice while camping. A five to seven gallon water jug with a spigot can provide instant running water. Set the jug on its side on a table or other flat surface and crack open the spigot for washing hands or dishes, or to fill cups. Attach a paper towel dispenser to the top of the water jug with bungee cords or strong tape and you will have a convenient wash station with running water.

TP Dispenser

Tearing off a sheet of toilet paper after nature calls is something we don’t even think about at home. Keeping track of toilet paper, keeping it clean and dry, and preventing rodents from destroying the entire roll can be a bit more difficult during a camping trip. A plastic coffee can with lid can serve as a convenient and easy camping DIY toilet paper dispenser and protector. Cut a slit in the side of the can to allow paper to be threaded through. A cord or strap can be attached to make a convenient carrying handle.

Mini First Aid Kit

Sure, you can buy a big and expensive first aid kit to take camping. You can also easily make a mini first aid kit that will cost little and be small enough to carry in a pocket during a hike or outing. An old pill bottle or similar-sized plastic bottle with a lid can serve as a waterproof container for some basic first aid supplies like adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin and similar things.

Spice And Seasoning Containers

Camp food does not have to be boring and bland, but it can be a hassle to pack and carry large containers of spices and seasonings. Tic Tac containers are the perfect size to use as reusable canisters for your favorite seasonings or spices.

Homemade Coffee Bags

Coffee is an essential part of many people’s morning. Homemade coffee bags make it easy to have a good cup of coffee without the trouble of bringing along a coffee pot. Coffee bags are like tea bags, but are filled with coffee grounds instead. Use small, paper coffee filters, fill with coffee grounds to suit your taste, then fold the filter up and staple it closed. Drop the coffee bag in a cup with hot water and allow it to steep to taste.


What are your favorite DIY camping hacks or tricks? Do you like to buy special gear or do you prefer to improvise and make your own?




Robert Witham
Robert Witham
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