Corgi Con… You Won’t Believe The Cuteness

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July 19, 2016
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Corgi Con… You Won’t Believe The Cuteness

Corgi Con was held June 25, 2016, and was the biggest gathering of Corgis ever. Over 800 owners (and still counting) converged on San Francisco for the semi-annual event since 2013. Imagine 3200 little legs pounding the sand at the same time. Proceeds were donated to Corgi Aid and Muttvile Senior Dog Rescue. There were also several traditional events as well for the four hour get-together on the beach. Corgi Cons are generally held between 10 am and 2 pm, officially. But you know cons. Unofficially, the last one could still be going on in a pet shed or somewhere.

Races On The Beach


No rabbits were needed to motivate these dogs. Corgis came from all over, including local “Corgifornia” and “OklaCorgma.” One Corgi signed in all the way from “Hotlanta.” The farthest was from Trinidad.

Costume Contest

Even Corgis enjoy Cosplay every now and then. In case you can’t tell because of the disguise, the Corgis are the ones with four feet instead of two. This year’s winner was Shedpool, inspired by Marvel’s Deadpool. One imposter was spotted however: Slinkie the Dachsund.

Will You Marry Me?

One surprise (for her) was being proposed to on the beach in front of hundreds of encouraging Corgi owners. Who could say no? Adam Lingfelter traveled all the way from Alabama to propose to his girlfriend, Cynthia. Good thing she said yes or the surprise would have been on him.

Group Photo

Every Corgi Con has had  a group photo of the owners squeezed onto the beach. Each time, the number of Corgi owners seems to grow. Last year’s record breaking crowd was only 650. How big of a camera are they going to need for the one coming this fall?

Queen Elizabth II

The world’s most famous Corgi owner could not make the event. But, in her honor, a cardboard cut out was made available for photo ops. It makes sense the Corgi would be the favorite of the Queen’s court since the Corgi originated as a Welsh cattle, horse and sheep herding dog. By the way, Corgi is Welsh for dwarf dog. Legend has it the faeries gifted the short-legged animal to the Welsh and its markings came from the faerie saddles and gear used to ride them.

The Corgi is considered an intelligent and very trainable dog. One of the most friendly and familial of dogs. They were even trained to guard children at times.

Want to attend? Grab your Corgi and get ready. Snap on the leash and brush that hair. The next Corgi Con is only three months away in (October). Exact date yet to be announced. Be prepared to Frap and Derp (Corgi terms of fun) your way to a memorable event. Event organizers say you don’t even have to own a Corgi to attend. Just appreciate the furry little love muffins.


Don’t you just want to go out and get your own Corgi?