Yoga has been growing in popularity in the West for many years. It is now estimated that more than 24 million adults practice yoga in the U.S. alone. This is up from about 17 million practitioners in 2008. Now with International Yoga Day approaching on June 21, it is time to get your pose on.

Old Meets New

Despite the relative novelty of yoga in the U.S., the practice dates back some 5.000 years and has its origins in India. Unlike yoga itself, which is an ancient practice, International Yoga Day is brand new. In fact, it was only adopted in December 2014 with a United Nations resolution. Providing a perspective on the international acceptance of yoga, 175 countries co-sponsored the U.N. resolution, including the U.S. International Yoga Day then is the synthesis of a very old practice and a brand new celebration honoring that ancient practice.

Mixing It Up

Even though yoga itself is an old practice, there seems to be no end of the new angles participants find to apply to the practice. Are you ready to liven up your yoga with a fresh twist this year? Here are a few up and coming yoga trends you may want to consider this year.


Voga is what you get when “vogue” meets “yoga.” Developed in London, Voga mixes it up by combining sequined leotards and club music. Apparently this trend has not caught on much outside of London, so a vacation may be in order if you want to try Voga this year.

Salty Yoga

The name of this style of yoga may leave you wondering, but it’s likely not what you expect. Salty yoga was started in New York by BREATHE Dry Salt Therapy Centers. If you try salty yoga you will be practicing yoga in a room with Himalayan salt brick walls and a loose salt floor (you can still use a mat though).


You can probably make a safe guess as to what this style of yoga entails just from the name. Yoga in the snow. Since International Yoga Day is in June, most people who actually want to try this will need to wait a few months. If you doubt that people actually practice yoga outside in the snow just check out the #snowga hashtag on Instagram. There are nearly 35,000 posts and counting.

As International Yoga Day approaches it is a great time to consider trying it out if you have not before, or maybe try a different twist on yoga with one of the styles listed here.


Do you practice yoga already? If not, are you ready to try for International Yoga Day? What do you think about some of these alternative yoga styles, like snowga?




Robert Witham
Robert Witham
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