Summer brings with it sunny weather and family vacations. Lurking behind all of that fun is tornado season. While this season doesn’t have a well-defined timespan like hurricane season does, June and July hold a higher chance of tornadoes for those that live in the northern plains and the Midwest. Southern states have a higher chance of tornadoes when spring comes around because then they have hurricanes to worry about all summer.

Regardless of where you live, you should know how to survive a tornado should you find yourself in the path of one of these violent storms. Here are ten tips that will help you survive the 2016 tornado season.

1. Pay Attention To The Sky

The surest way to be an expert this tornado season is to simply look up. If you notice the sky turn a strange shade of pale green, a tornado could be imminent. If you also see dark, low-lying clouds, seek shelter as soon as possible.

2. Watch vs. Warning

Watches and warnings are two keywords when talking tornadoes. It’s important to know the difference. A watch means you should keep your eye out for a tornado because one is likely. A warning means there is a tornado on the ground in the area, so get inside immediately!

3. Where To Take Shelter

If you need to take cover during this tornado season, know where to go whether you’re indoors or outdoors. If you’re indoors, go down to a cellar or a closet. If you’re outdoors, find something like a ditch to keep you safe from debris.

4. Don’t Drive

If you happen to be in the car and spot a tornado in your rear-view mirror, don’t try to speed away from it. Cars can easily be picked up by the storm, so you have a better chance at safety if you get out of the car and find a safe place.

5. Duck And Cover

No matter where you are taking shelter from a tornado, protecting your head and neck is of the utmost importance. If debris were to come flying near you and these vital areas are protected, you’ll have a better chance at survival.

6. Emergency Kits

Before tornado season even begins, you can prepare. Start gathering batteries, non-perishable food, water and a plan on what you and your family will do to ride out the storm.

7. Leave Your Mobile Home

Although during the rest of the year, your mobile home is where you love to spend your time, structurally, it’s not the best place to be during a tornado. If a twister is in the area, leave your mobile home and find a sturdier building.

8. Stay Tuned To The News

To avoid surprise, watch or listen to the local news either on the TV or your emergency radio if the power is out. If you know what to expect, you can plan accordingly.

9. Remember Your Pets

As the protector of your favorite furry friends, don’t forget about them during a tornado. Keep them on a leash or put them in a crate to help keep them calm and safe.

10. Wait For The All Clear

If the tornado was particularly devastating, wait until you hear the all clear before returning to an affected area. Emergency response crews will survey the area to make sure it’s safe for people to begin cleaning up the mess.


What’s your most important safety advice for tornado season?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
Kirstin is an IT worker by day and a freelance writer by night. When not behind a computer screen, she can be found exploring one of central Florida's famous theme parks or embarking on a new adventure. You can read about her adventures at Fun Orlando Ideas!