If you’re a woman who didn’t quite meet her summer swimsuit body goals, listen up. Men, you can go ahead and stop reading because this plan is for women only. Yep, you heard that right. A company called VFX Body (the VFX actually stands for the ‘visual effect’ of a toned, fit body) advertises a special diet plan that can help women lose and keep off those extra pounds. Why this routine won’t work for men is unclear, so let’s find out what this is all about.

The Plan

You’ll have to buy into the plan if you want to know all of the secrets, but some of the tips VFX Body guarantees is to help women discover why it is so difficult for them to lose weight and keep it off, while men seem to have no trouble dropping the pounds and can eat way more and still stay fit. Women will also find out about those beloved cheat foods that can actually aid in boosting metabolism and, thus, weight loss. Overall, the plan is an individualized approach to creating a diet and exercise plan that is intended for women only. Each strategy takes into account the daily routines of modern women and their unique metabolism.

The Creator

Ironically, the VFX Body diet plan for women only was developed by a man named John Barban. Don’t worry, ladies, he sounds fully qualified to help you on your weight loss journey. He has a master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition and has also taught at the University of Florida in the Health and Human performance department. Barban has also created other exercise and nutrition plans over the past 10 years, all focused on losing weight and the ever tricky task of keeping the weight off.

What You Get

The VFX Body diet plan is advertised as being completely natural, which means there are no pills or powders that you have to take. Also, all of the resources can be with you at all times because they are fully digital. After filling out some information about yourself and your favorite foods, the software will recommend daily and weekly caloric intake numbers that you should subscribe to. If you’re not sure what to eat during the day, there is a manual included, full of recipes for women only.

You’ll also gain access to hundreds of exercises that can be done from your house and customized based on what you want to attain. The real perk is that these are “optional”. That’s right, your meal plan will be so effective that you don’t really even have to exercise, although it’s recommended. VFX says that it isn’t a magic pill, but the whole optional exercise part has me a little suspicious.

In fact, I’m not really sure what makes this plan for women only. Sure, a man can eat more calories in a day than a women, but they’re also bigger, so it makes sense that they can eat more. The company doesn’t go into what kinds of foods/meals are included in the manual, but it’s probably not a lot of pizza and ice cream. I’m not a nutritionist, but here’s my women only weight loss plan: eat less, move more.


Would you ever try out the VFX Body diet/exercise plan for women only?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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