Festival of Sleep Day – A Holiday All Cats Can Get Behind

For some reason, people seem to need a holiday for just about everything. There are some really random holidays out there and while some of these might cause you to raise an eyebrow, this is certainly one that you will want to celebrate. So, forget about getting out of bed and strap on your sleep mask because the Festival of Sleep Day is at hand.

Origins of Festival of Sleep Day

Though countless tomes of knowledge were delved through to make this discovery, it appears the origins of this amazing holiday are somewhat unaccounted for. While you might not be able to trace back where it started, why ruin a perfectly good day caring? If you can take some extra time to sleep, sleep. As such, every January 3rd is Festival of Sleep Day and the title of the day really explains it all.

How Can You Celebrate Properly?

Well, this one really shouldn’t be brain surgery, but in case you are unclear of how the holiday goes, it involves sleep. Basically, just get some extra shut eye. This year, it falls on a Sunday, so you really don’t have an excuse to not fit in that extra sleep if you don’t work. Turn off your alarm and just let yourself sleep until you are rested that morning. Or, better yet, grab some food and lay in bed all day. Sure, it might seem lazy, but it’s a holiday after all! It would be wrong to not celebrate it.

Some Helpful Sleeping Tips

While sleep is the number one objective to this holiday, perhaps what you really need are some tips to help ensure you get the highest quality sleep available. So, here are a few tips to consider:

1. Make sure to turn off your electronics.

Technology is a great thing and new inventions have made life easier pretty much across the board. When it comes to distractions though, technology is the king. So, rather than let yourself get interrupted by your phone ringing or game system sending you a reminder, turn all of that stuff off.

2. Keep it cold.

For some reason, the body doesn’t want to do as much when it is cold. Actually, there is a pretty clear scientific explanation and it involves the body trying to keep itself warm and thus using more energy, but let’s not digress. Instead, just keep it cold so you will want to snuggle up and get warm.

3. Make it dark.

People actually sleep better in the dark and just because it is daylight doesn’t mean you can’t make a room dark. If needed, take some heavy blankets and put them over your window to block out the light. The sun will be there when you awaken.


How do you intend to celebrate this January 3rd? Do you intend to observe the Festival of Sleep Day by spending the whole day in bed or just fitting in an extra nap? Let us know in the comments below; or don’t if you are too busy catching some z’s.



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
When Joseph is not writing for his Evorath fantasy series, he tries to spend time honing his physical prowess to one day become the Punisher. Most of the time, he just ends up perfecting the art of procrastination by watching Netflix, reading other good fantasy books, or playing some mindless game. Follow him at Evorath