Every year, Santa does the impossible. He rides thousands and thousands of miles to every child’s home to deliver a gift of warmth and a smile during the coldest part of the year. But, even Santa is not perfect. Try as hard as he does every year, even he can have a bad moment or what is known as Santa Fails.

Flight Path

Getting to the point is always the best way. However, getting the point is not. Zigging while an air force jet was zagging, Santa just barely missed getting skewered while one of the reindeer was sucked into the jet engine. Injuries are reported to be non-life threatening. An elf interviewed at the scene said, “I have never seen anything like this and, working for Santa, you see a lot of things.” The pilot of the air force jet reportedly helped Santa finish his run despite the much slower speeds of the jet.

Where’s Rudolph?


It isn’t the first time Santa didn’t know the eggnogg was loaded. Many times, well-intentioned parents thought to help Santa make it through the night they’d offer him a bit of  a warm-up. Everyone appreciates the hard work Santa does and this was their way of saying thank you. They didn’t stop to think that 1,324,583 other parents thought the same thing. Santa was found in a shopping cart in the pre-dawn light muttering, “Those reindeer are taking longer and longer breaks.”

Reindeer Not Involved

Santa was involved in a three car accident in Kettering, Ohio two days before Christmas. No one was seriously hurt though two people were taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Santa assured authorities he would be able to make if for Christmas despite being involved in the mishap. No reindeer were hurt as they stayed home for Santa’s pre-Christmas run. No word on whether Santa was issued a citation for a Santa fail.

Strung Up


I’ll admit it. It does get dark at night. But, what was Santa thinking? Reports in the morning of finding Santa perched on high as the day broke traveled on everyone’s lips by their third cup of coffee. Evidently, Rudolph wasn’t guiding Santa’s sleigh that night. According to Santa, some homes in Hawaii will get a late delivery.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Go home Santa… you’re drunk!

Posted by SportsGuys on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This was more than a bad day. Santa must have had a bad year for him to get this snockered. Santa failed on so many levels here and you can’t blame it on the eggnog. He would have done much better if he closed his eyes and followed Rudolph’s reins. When contacted, the elves claimed no knowledge or responsibility for the bad behaviour.

Stick to the Chimney


When Santa’s sunk too many sherries…

Posted by Now on Monday, December 7, 2015

Every year, Santa will try some new technology to make his job a little easier. Not everything works out as it should. Hope the sleigh isn’t parked too far away. Remember kids, no running in the house. Or hovering.


What’s the funniest thing you have seen Santa fail at?