Your Face Affects Your Chances Of Getting A Job

If you’ve been struggling to find employment, you may have to do more than polish your resume. Although having strong credentials is an important factor in landing the position you want, the way your face looks can actually impact your chances of getting hired. If you don’t believe it, here are a few things you should know about your face’s ability to land you a job.

More Trustworthy Looking People Get Hired

There are small pieces of your appearance that can alter the way others view you. If you have a mouth that turns downward, you’re going to look angry and unapproachable, even though you’re not trying to appear that way. Likewise, if your eyes are more open, it will make you seem like you’re more approachable and trustworthy. Of course, there are always solutions to these problems. If makeup can’t change the way your face looks, you can always get a facelift or an eyelift in order to raise your chances of making a good impression at a job interview. In fact, during one study, participants were asked to get facial surgery to see how the first impressions they made changed. There ended up being a huge difference in the way others perceived them, even though the plastic surgery they received was minimal.

More Attractive People Get Hired

Although attractiveness plays a much smaller role in an employer’s first impression of you than your trustworthiness does, it’s still a contributing factor. Faces that are symmetrical are considered to be more attractive, because it suggests the person has good genes. Meanwhile, faces with big eyes and bodies with wide hips are also considered attractive, because they are linked to youthfulness and fertility.

Body Language Also Plays A Role

You might not have to make an appointment to get plastic surgery, there are a few ways for you to look approachable by altering your body language. Since smiling faces look more trustworthy and personable than frowning faces, you should make an effort to keep your lips lifted when you’re being interviewed. The happier you look, the higher your chances will be of landing the job.

First Impressions Overpower Knowledge

According to Science Daily, one study proved a person’s first impression of an employee can actually overpower whatever knowledge they eventually learn about a potential employee. That means what they read on paper could completely contradict their original opinion, but they would still stick to their original opinion. There have even been studies proving politicians with more likable faces tend to win elections, regardless of what policies they have, proving first impressions can be more important than the cold hard facts.

What Else Can Your Face Tell You?

Chinese face reading looks at the shade of your skin tone, the color of your lips, and the spots on your face in order to determine how healthy you are. Just by examining the look of your face, they can allegedly tell if you’re suffering from inflammation in the kidneys, heart disease, high blood pressure, or a stomach ulcer.


Would you ever get plastic surgery in order to make your face look more appealing to employers? Have you ever felt like you didn’t get a job because of how you looked?



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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