Childhood Trends That May Never Come Back

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably remember all of the random toys you used to see on corny television commercials. You might have even owned some of these childhood toys. The world is completely different now. Kids today have become so used to electronics, and other expensive equipment, these childhood trends may never come back.


Pogs were circular disks that could fit in the palm of your hand. They had a variety of pictures on them children would collect. Even though they were meant to be used to play a game that originated in Hawaii, not many kids knew how to actually play the game. The pogs would typically just stay in their container until it was time to show your friends the designs you had collected.

Skip It

Skip It was a toy children were meant to attach to one ankle in order to have fun while exercising. Once they had their ankle inside of the open loop on one end of the toy, they had to use their muscles to spin the toy around their body and hop over the other end with their other leg. Some of the toys even had a counter attached to keep track of how many times in a row the child made a circle.


These were the biggest hits of the 90s. They were pocket-sized electronics that only had three buttons you could use to play. All you had to do was feed the creature on the screen, make it happy, and keep it healthy. Kids today wouldn’t be able to stand the poor graphics and the repetitiveness of a Tamogotchi, but every 90s kid had at least one of them dying of starvation under their bed.

Bop It

Bop it was a handheld game that spoke to you. It would either tell you to pull a handle, twist a crank, spin a wheel, toggle a switch, or bop the front of it. Once you did as it asked, it would tell you to do another action. You would keep going and going until you messed up and lost the game. In the 90s, it kept children busy, but today, it would be another repetitive game children would quickly lose interest in.

Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Ovens catered to a kid’s sweet tooth. The machines came with little packets and miniature baking tools children could use to create tiny desserts. They could make cakes, brownies, and cookies without having to turn on the “real” oven and burn down the house.


Furbies were once considered collectibles, even though they terrified some children. They were basically electronic robots that could bat their eyes and make noise to communicate with children. Although each Furby started out only speaking “Furbish,” it ended up learning English by listening to its owner speak.

Water Snakes

Water snakes were little tubes filled with liquid that had a hole through the center of them. Even though they appeared innocent, they were dubbed “hand job” toys, because children would run their hands back and forth over the toy, mimicking masterbation. Nowadays, children would never have the time to play with something so meaningless, even with its sexual correlation.


Did you have any of these toys when you were a child? What about Beanie babies….did you ever think you were going to pay for college because of all the limited edition ones you stood in line for hours to buy?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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