Craziest Restaurants In The World

There’s no reason to eat at the same restaurant every weekend when there are plenty of other options out there. Instead of meeting your friends at a local diner, you can make reservations at innovative restaurants you won’t believe exist. They’re all guaranteed to give you great photo opportunities and a fun night out, so here are some of the craziest restaurants in the world you should think about visiting.

Above Ground Restaurants

You’ve had dinner on the ground for most of your life, which is why you should try having dinner while attached to a crane. Dinner In The Sky has provided customers with once in a lifetime dining experiences in Europe, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. This particular company even allows you to lounge in the sky or get married in the sky.

Underwater Restaurants

There are actually restaurants that allow you to eat your meal while underwater. Of course, you’ll be protected by glass that will make you feel like you’re inside an aquarium. Ironically, most underwater restaurants specialize in sea food, so customers can stare at beautiful fish while they eat delicious fish.

Prison Themed Restaurants

There’s a restaurant in China that allows their customers to feel like they’re dining inside a prison. Whenever a group of people enter the restaurant, they’re led to a “cell” they’re locked inside of. In the summer, the cells are even filled up slightly with water and the customers are given flip-flops. It’s a nod to water torture that is supposed to turn the customers off from committing crimes, so they never end up in an actual prison.

Monkey Waiter Restaurants

In Japan, there is a restaurant that has two monkeys working as waiters. When your food arrives, it’s with the help of those monkeys. However, they only work for two hours a day, in order to keep them healthy, so you have to check with the restaurant on the day you want to visit to see when the little animals will be working.

Cat Cafes

If you’re a cat lover, but don’t have any pets of your own, you can visit a cat cafe. The idea began in Taiwan, but has already made its way into the United States. There is a cat cafe in California that allows customers to sit down with a drink and some food while dozens of cats roam around them. In fact, if you visit Cat Town Cafe, the cats you see will actually be up for adoption.

Ice Bars

There are ice bars and restaurants you can visit when you want to cool down. If you visit Minus5 Ice Bar in New York City, everything you see will be made of ice. You’ll sit on ice couches and drink from ice cups. Just make sure you bundle up before you go inside. Although there are jackets you can buy at the establishment, they’re pretty pricey.

Pitch Black Restaurants

If you want to go on a date without worrying about what you look like, you can visit a restaurant shrouded in complete darkness. Since your other senses will become enhanced when your sight is cut off, you’ll have an easier time enjoying your delicious meal. Plus, you’ll be able to focus on your conversation instead of whether or not there’s food in between your teeth.


Would you actually eat at any of these locations? Do you have an idea for an outrageous restaurant?

 Additional Images: Dinner in the Sky



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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