Have You Ever Been Haunted by an Object?

Can a doll really be haunted? Our fascination with haunting can be seen throughout time. Movies have depicted hellish environments brought on by the purchase of a “haunted” item. The scene shows a skeptical buyer handing over a handful of cash to a frazzled seller. Words of warning are quickly passed and a look of relief floats across the previous owners face as the nightmare leaves their hands. When people sell their haunted items, warnings usually come along with them. Even though customers are given fair warning about what the objects can potentially do, they’ll shell out money for them anyway. There are plenty of places where you can pick up paranormal objects, even if it’s not the greatest idea. If you’re interested in seeing what people are selling, here are a few haunted items that have been for sale.

Annabel Doll

You can’t buy “the” Annabel the movie is based off of, but there is another Annabel doll for sale. She costs $50, and according to the person selling her, she died from an accidental poisoning. Even though she’s a nice spirit and gets along well with other spirits, she is quite talkative, so make sure you have room in your life for a chatty nighttime partner.

Haunted Witch Box

For $125, you can purchase a haunted witch box. The box was originally owned by a practicing witch who preformed the dark arts. According to the seller, the box contains a dark energy and it’s impossible to keep the drawers closed. Something, or someone, refuses to stay locked within the wooden confines.

Doll Possessed By Cat Goddess

According to the seller of this doll, it is possessed by a cat Goddess named Koshka. Even though she cost $60, she only speaks to “cat whisper people.” If you’re one of the lucky few who can understand the doll, your senses will grow more intense by the day. Ever hear of cat-like reflexes? Even if you can’t hear her talk, she will supposedly bring you closer to your pet cats.

Baby Karly

If you visit Haunted Dolls For Sale, you can find as many haunted dolls as you’d like. Baby Karly is $80, and she acts about as innocent as she looks. Even though she supposedly causes electronic disturbances, she loves to be around animals and other spirit children. According to the website she’s listed on, she is the spirit of a three-year-old girl who passed away after a trampoline injury.

Haunted Talisman

For $55 you can buy a haunted talisman. Although many haunted items come with a warning, this one comes with good news. Supposedly, it has special powers that will enhance a person’s hidden abilities. It has the potential to make all of your dreams come true as quickly as possible.

Haunted Twin Dolls

There is a set of dolls named Johnny and Jenny that are supposedly possessed. They became possessed on the same day after they perished in a house fire that killed the entire family living there. According to the listing, they are for “entertainment purposes,” but that’s only because eBay has banned haunted items from being sold on their site, unless that disclaimer is attached to it.


Do you believe items can become haunted or do you think it’s all a myth? have you ever experienced a haunting because of an item you purchased?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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