Extreme Activities You’ve Never Heard Of

There are people daring enough to climb up mountains and jump out of planes. However, there are other extreme activities you’ve probably never heard of. There are always people willing to break barriers, no matter how bizarre those barriers are. If you don’t believe it, here are some of the craziest extreme sports and activities becoming more and more popular:

Chess Boxing

Chess boxing combines the mental aspect of chess with the physical aspect of boxing. In order to play, two men are seated in the middle of a ring with a board in front of them. They have three minutes to play chess, and then they have three minutes to box. They alternate the games until one person is knocked out during the boxing match or until one person gets a checkmate during chess.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey consists of two teams, just like “regular” hockey does. A weighted puck is placed on the bottom of a large swimming pool and the players are given short sticks in order to maneuver the puck. The players wear masks, snorkels, headgear, and gloves in order to stay safe.

Volcano Boarding

Volcano boarding, also known as volcano surfing, is when a person sits on a piece of wood and slides down the edge of a volcano in order to race another person to the bottom. Before a person can partake in volcano boarding, they have to hike all the way up the volcano. Once they get to the top, they can either choose between sitting on the wooden sled like they’re on a regular snow sled or standing like they’re snowboarding. Either way, the activity is beyond dangerous.

Unicycle Hockey

Unicycle hockey is another bizarre form of hockey that requires a lot of coordination and stamina. Every player is meant to stay on top of their unicycle while holding a stick they can use to hit a tennis ball around the court. Unfortunately, there are only four national unicycle hockey leagues, which are based in Australia, the UK, Switzerland, and Germany.


Zorbing is when you jump inside of an inflatable ball and roll around on snowy terrain with it. It doesn’t sound all that intense, but there have actually been multiple deaths while zorbing. For instance, in Russia, a pair of men went over a cliff and onto a frozen lake, and one of the men ended up dying. However, as long as you only perform the sport when you have a predetermined landing zone, it should be perfectly safe.


Bossaball is basically volleyball with a twist. Instead of just hitting a ball over a net while standing in the sand or in a gymnasium, players are positioned on top of an inflatable platform with trampolines built into it. It forces players to use the skills needed in volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and capoeira.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when men and women iron their clothes while taking part in dangerous activities, such as skydiving and mountain climbing. There are even people who have tried to iron while jumping from a cliff, riding on the back of a taxi, and while inside of a cave.


Which of these extreme sports would you actually be willing to try?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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