There have been some pretty rad inventions in our day. YouTube has given us many mindless hours of cat videos and video game cheats, Keurig has given us the power to make a smashing good cup of cappuccino before we get out of bed, and the Snuggie took Netflix binging to a whole new level. Even so, we’re still left wanting more because there are just too many great things yet to be invented.


We can only watch so many hours of the Food Network before we just get angry because we can’t smell the food they’re parading in front of our screens. Surround sound came into our lives ages ago, where’s the surround smell? We want to feel like we’re in that kitchen on Cupcake Wars and in the middle of that car chase scene in Fast and Furious. We want to smell vanilla buttercream and burnt rubber! With recent innovations like surround sound, Blu-Ray, and 3D TVs, it’s clear the business of creating an almost-real entertainment experience is a lucrative one and it seems somebody’s dropped the ball.

 Home Health Robot

Yes, just like the one from Big Hero 6. Sorry doctors everywhere, but we’re sick (quite literally) of waiting on hold for 20 minutes to make an appointment eight days later only to sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes and talk to you for only two. Baymax, the cuddly inflatable health care provider from the movie, could be summoned from a box and tell you within seconds what was ailing you. You could know exactly what was wrong, how to remedy it, and maybe even the exact moment you became sick all without leaving your bed.

 Dessert Delivery

We have pizza delivery, Chinese delivery, sandwich delivery, and now even some fast food delivery. For years, lazy sugar addicts alike have been asking, “Where’s the dessert delivery?!” Sometimes (who are we kidding, all the time) when we want our chocolate cake or key lime pie or Oreo blizzard, we just don’t want to get in our cars and get it ourselves.

 Dog Translator

This is just a no brainer. We’d be willing to put money on the fact nearly every pet owner (at the risk of being exclusive to just dogs we’ll include other pets) wants to know what their beloved pets are thinking from time to time. How much of our world do they understand? How much of what we think of their world is actually true?

 Virtual, Whooshy Computer Screens

Those screens you see in every cool movie ever. The ones where people do some strange air hand dance and little computer boxes whoosh around in the air. We need those.

 The Afternoon Siesta

Bryon Lippincott / Flickr

Okay, so not really an invention, per se, but something that definitely needs to make its way to the United States. Persons lucky enough to live in Spain, Portugal, Italy, India, or the Philippines get to kick back after lunch and take a rest. Stores close and people nap. Sounds like a banging deal.


 What new inventions would you like to see in your lifetime? Tell us below!




Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart
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