Didn’t We Just Cover Vampires? Something Sucked The Blood Of Goats

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May 30, 2016
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Didn’t We Just Cover Vampires? Something Sucked The Blood Of Goats

We recently covered real-life vampires (or at least people who drink human blood and call themselves vampires). Now we learn that something sucked the blood of goats. Are goat vampires a thing?

Blood Of Goats

In the small Namibian village of Ondeihaluka, local residents are perplexed, frightened and angry after the discovery of five goats that had been killed and had their blood sucked. To make matters worse, this is not the first time small animals like goats have been killed and their blood sucked around Ondeihaluka. In fact, it has happened many times since 2000.

Selma Nandjaya owned the goats that were most recently killed by the mysterious, vampire-like predator. Nandjaya said they plan to burn the carcasses of the slain goats. Local beliefs prevent people from eating meat from a goat that may have been killed through witchcraft (one explanation for the mysterious slaughters).

In the most recent attack, two of the goats were bitten from behind, gutted, and some of the animals’ intestines were removed. Two other goats were similarly bitten and gutted, but the organs were not taken. Two more goats were injured, but survived the attack, while another two animals are missing and have yet to be located.

Mystery Predator

Residents of Ondeihaluka admit they do not know what kind of animal is responsible for the slaughter, but suspect it may be associated with witchcraft. They also believe that the animals are owned by someone who does not adequately feed the animals which may prompt the predatory hunting of small animals.

Fears in Ondeihaluka are heightened by the unknown, and people fear that the mysterious predator may eventually attack a human. Residents are afraid to walk at night lest they become a target instead of a goat.

The attacks also show a pattern of escalation, residents say. The attacks since 2000 have always occurred in a livestock enclosure, but the most recent attack happened in the open as the animals were sleeping.

Ondeihaluka residents are imploring whoever owns the vampire beasts to feed them properly and keep them under control, or to ask for help if they are not able to afford to feed the animals. The predatory beasts are widely assumed to be some kind of exotic animal. As villagers note, hungry dogs would eat the mean instead of only sucking the blood from prey.

The recent slaughter was reported to the police, the regional councilor, and the governor. If history is any indication, the villagers will not receive much help though from the authorities. This mysterious slaughter of goats has been going on for 16 years after all.


What do you think could be behind these mysterious attacks? What kind of animal is powerful enough to take down five goats, but does not eat the meat after killing the goat?




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