What was Fido thinking? Did he really, really need to go outside? No matter what the reason, dog owners beware. What kind of gun reform do we need?

Put Your Safety On

Don’t let a good dog turn bad. Most accidents occur because the negligent owner leaves the safety off and the gun within their dog’s reach. In 2015, a hunter laid her gun on the ground where her dog could step on it. The chocolate lab did and shot her owner in the foot. Try explaining that in an emergency room. Gun reform here could be teaching the dog to turn the safety on since the hunter can’t do it for themselves. The dog’s name is Trigger.


This doesn’t just happen only in America. This happens everywhere. But, it does happen far more often here at home. It is thought because we have one of the highest concentrations of guns per capita in the world. Whatever the reason, a Frenchman in 2012 lost his hand because his young hunting dog jumped up on him looking for a hug with a happy smile. Unfortunately, the owner was in the middle of deer hunting and had his safety off. Gun reform here should be giving your dog a little more attention at home?

What Is It About Florida?

In Florida, a dog couldn’t wait to shoot his owner. Eli was nestled between his owner who was driving and a friend who came along for the hunt. With Eli, was the owner’s gun with — you guessed it — the saftey off. Eli got excited and knocked the gun down, discharging into the owner’s leg just above the knee. Eli is very sorry and promises not to get excited in the front seat again. Gun control here should be put the gun on the rack and out of Eli’s reach.

Florida pops up a lot here. Forty percent of all incidents involving a person shot by a dog over the last 12 years happened in Florida. What kind of message should we be getting here? For gun control, stay away from Florida?


While on a hunting trip in Texas, two hunting buddies were looking for geese. The dog’s owner was successful and set the gun in the pick up bed to release his chocolate lab to fetch the downed bird. Before he could release the latch, the gun fired through the tailgate and injured the owner. He bled to death before his buddy could get him to help in the only known dog/gun fatality. The dog’s prints were found on the gun. Case closed.

The Other Side Of The Gun

To be fair, dogs are shot more often by humans than humans shot by dogs. For a variety of reasons as meanness, drunken stupidity and insane people immune to the affections from the canine world. At times, it might be more surprising there aren’t more humans shot by the furry little love creatures. Maybe that is the reason: dogs find it harder to hate or hurt like a drunken, impotent man on a Saturday night who wonders why he is all alone.

But, world be warned if you cannot explain this one. In Florida (where else?), a 37-year-old man was carrying his seven, three month old puppies to their death. He was unable to find them homes so his solution was to shoot the adorable puppies in the head and bury them. After four puppies were already shot and killed, the man carried the last three to their fate. On the way, one of the puppies tried to wriggle free and set off the gun he was carrying, shooting the man in the wrist. The man was lucky. The dog didn’t have the heart to kill him but he did send a message to the owner. Gun control here is to let the dogs have the gun.


What lessons have you learned about gun control?