As if straight out of the pages of ancient Roman mythology, an image of a mysterious creature that appeared to be part goat and part young boy recently surfaced on the interwebs. Social media went nuts, if only relatively more nuts than usual and if only for a few moments. Check out the photos and read the story below!

Is This A Real Life Faun?

Supposedly born in Southern Malaysia, the story claims that the baby “goat with a human face” didn’t live long after birth, and the carcass had eventually been handed over to a Veterinary Services Department, but not before photos were snatched of the beast-boy.

According to reports, the baby goat belonged to a farmer named Ibrahim Basir, from a village called Felda, and he refused several offers of money from people interested in buying the carcass. Instead of selling the remains, the 63-year-old farmer decided to hand them over to experts who wanted to carry out an investigation on the strange-looking babe.

Ibrahim told local media he was initially shocked when he found out that one of his goats had given birth to a baby that had human features.

“When I went to check I was quite shocked, but fascinated too, as its face, nose, short legs and even the condition of its soft body seemed like that of a human baby, whereas the light brown fur covering its whole body resembled that of a goat,” Ibrahim said.

He was purportedly informed by one of his farmworkers, a Jamaludin Abdul Samad, 50, that some parts of the baby goat looked like a human infant. He added that despite the features, the faun-like creature didn’t have any sort of umbilical cord.

Ibrahim supposedly isn’t convinced as he believes the baby might have simply been trampled by its mother, causing its bizarre features.

“We kept the carcass in a polystyrene box filled with ice cubes before taking it to the district veterinary office at around noon yesterday,” he added.

The animal’s birth almost instantly spurred rumors of mythical creatures and fantastic tales of adventure but this story is a dime-a-dozen for cryptid enthusiasts. A picture, an eye-witness statement, all information nary able to cut through the static and skepticism for even a moment of intrigue.

It doesn’t help that the farmer himself believes it’s nothing but a trampled baby goat with facial features that further exemplify his hypothesis. Maybe we’ll never know, or maybe we already do.


So, what is it? A half-goat, half-boy? A real life Satyr? Or simply a disfigured, mutated baby goat that never really had a fighting chance? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below and be sure to share this story with your friends online!