Cure For Resting Bitch Face — How About Not Being a Bitch?

Well, sometimes, it’s not that easy. There are actually bitch faces that are not aware of they are being a bitch face. What is a bitch face? Is it a window deep into the person’s subconcious? Is the bitch persona ready to burst out at the merest poke from a stranger? Could we have an inner bitch manifesting itself without our own knowledge? Before we can consider a cure, we must understand the problem.

What are we thinking?

This is the key. Do we know what this person is thinking? She could now be realizing that “Damn! Now I have to pay all of those taxes on the multimillion dollar lottery winnings.” Or “What a bummer that we didn’t have world peace by my 21st birthday.” Or it could be as shallow and selfish as “Why am I not married to a billionaire with a bad heart?” One element of being a bitch is judging others with a narrow mind. Let’s don’t become one ourselves. It could just be this person is having a worse day than we are.

Men, too.

Yes, even we men can have an inner bitch. I’m not referring to those submissive friends in prison that will bend over backwards for us to perform any favor we ask though that can be another definition. Here, I am referring to the male version of the female bitch. What is a man-bitch called? Asshole. Jerk. Dickweed. There are literally thousands of variations and new ones are popping up every day. (Precious, Glam Queen, Rider of the Purple Rage, but I’m digressing…) Here we mean those who look like a bitch even though they are unaware. They could be the nicest man you would ever meet but still look like they could be a mass murderer. Do you know of anyone in your life that is easily misunderstood like that?

Even Kids


With kids, its a little different. Adults are aware of what being a bitch is all about. Kids are blissful ignorant of how selfish they are at this stage in life. To them, life is carefree and full of fun at other people’s expense. It is only when they have become mature that they learn to hide it from others — so they don’t get caught. Can you think of any bad behaviors you stopped after your 18th birthday because you were no longer a kid?

Corrective surgery

One can only hope. There are attempts of cosmetic surgery where the ends of your mouth are slightly turned upwards so it looks like you are smiling all of the time. The big problem here is that a smile is so much more than the mouth. How do you look when your lips are smiling but your eyes are wondering what that person would look like with an apple in their mouth rotating on a spit?

The cure

The answer is simple in a variety of ways, and they are all free. Smile. Be happy. Enjoy yourself no matter who is watching. Slap that bitch face off of your own face and make people wonder what your secret is.


How do you control your own bitch face?