There is something within the human condition that pushes people towards natural curiosity. Though most animals would fear the unknown, many humans actively devote their lives to explaining it, looking for any sort of answer that makes sense of the otherwise inexplicable. Of course, some might argue this is actually a result of that fear of the unknown, with people grasping at anything, no matter how implausible, to help come up with an explanation. Regardless of what the reason might be, there are still those times when you have to pause and wonder if the seemingly impossible explanation is actually the truth. Like, did a yeti kill a group of students hiking in Russia?

The Infamous Russian Yeti Kill

Commonly known as the “Dyatlov Pass incident,” there has been an unquenchable fascination with the “mysterious” death of nine students who decided to take a trip on January 27, 1959. That’s right; 57 years ago, nine students from Russia’s Ural Polytechnical Institute went on a hike to a stereo-typically-named Russian mountain range that would be too hard for you to pronounce unless you are from Russia. After leaving for their trip, the group never returned and it is believed they met their fate around February 2. Of course, how they met that fate is up for debate.

For some reason, people today still have nothing better to do than look back at instances like these and search for answers that point to something unnatural – in this case, a yeti kill and even the Discovery Channel is on board. How did they come to this conclusion? Well, a rescue team was sent out with little luck following a storm that hit those parts, but by February 27, they finally stumbled across something. They found the tent of the campers, apparently cut open by what appeared to be razor blades and nearby they were able to locate five of the nine members of the expedition.

More Strange Discoveries

Finding these five members still meant that four others were missing and it wasn’t until May 4 that the final four bodies showed up, these members buried under about 10 feet of snow in a ravine completely separate from the others. While this might seem weird, the additional details are what makes it really interesting. Specifically, most of the hikers’ equipment was left back in the tent and many of the victims were found wearing little or no clothing, with some wearing the wrong clothing. Additionally, the autopsy revealed that some of the injuries look more like a car crash than anything else, one camper’s tongue was missing, and they found traces of alpha radiation. Before you jump onto the yeti kill theory, it may be important to remember that this case sat under wraps for over 30 years after it initially happened and it really didn’t come back up until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989. So, the legitimacy of the evidence is somewhat spotty at best.

Other Conspiracy Explanations

Of course, beyond the bizarre injuries and unexplained behavior of these students, there are still some other theories out there as to what might have caused this. One such theory, naturally, is that aliens played a role. According to some other hikers who were in the area, there were actually some unidentified orange spheres floating around the group of students, which many have latched onto in hopes to explain what occurred. Rather than these hikers being killed by a yeti, perhaps they were taken up for experiments and once they outlived their usefulness the bodies were scattered about the mountainside. Surprisingly, that sounds even less plausible than a yeti kill.

A More Scientific Explanation

Rather than turn to supernatural influences, it might be prudent to first consider some more scientific explanations. For instance, perhaps some or all of the students on the trips were actually ill-prepared for the weather and when colder conditions set in they started to suffer from hypothermia. According the Mayo Clinic, hypothermia can lead to a lot of life-threatening symptoms, including “Confusion and poor decision-making, such as trying to remove warm clothes.”

While this does not explain some of the victims appearing as if they had suffered injuries from a car crash, there might be a simpler explanation for that: they were in the mountains. Taking a step back, this entire situation could be attributed to a small-scale avalanche, which might have killed some of the campers on impact, caused others to cut their way out, and then led to the survivors to freeze. When you consider, it makes the inexplicable seem much easier to understand. Of course, that still doesn’t explain the alpha radiation.


Whether it was actually a yeti kill, aliens or just an unfortunate act of nature, it is likely we will never truly know. Which do you think is most likely? Let us know in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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