You might recall reading about what constitutes a bromance previously, which may have brought up questions for some people. The most obvious of these questions is of course, “Do I have a bromance?”

Do You Have Special “You” Things?

One of the best indicators that you are blessed with a bromance is when you notice that you two share a special “thing.” Perhaps it’s an obscure reference that you always make or a special greeting, or just an activity that you participate in on special occasions. Regardless of what form it takes, you and your friend have something unique to share.

Do You Consistently Think About the Other Person?

Are you ever doing something and your mind simply wanders to your friend? Have you ever been in a store, seen an item, and immediately thought about what the other person would think? Or, have you ever been chilling at home and just genuinely wondered what the other person was up to? If the answer is “yes” to one or more of these, then you could certainly have a bromance.

Do Your Friends Make Fun Of You?

With your inside jokes, affectionate greetings, and willingness to say “I love you,” you may find that some of your less bromantic friends actually start to make fun of your bromance. This is a common occurrence when things start to get really serious in a bromance. Remember, if they do make fun of you, then it’s just because they are jealous of the close bond that you have.

Are You Unconditionally Devoted To Each Other?

The best way to figure this out is to really examine the progress of your relationship. Think of a time when you really were in need. Did your friend have your back? If not, try this scenario: You bring a dead body to your friend and need help hiding the evidence. If you have a bromance, he will invite you in with no questions asked and start helping you plan your alibi. Without this, a true bromance does not exist.

Is The Relationship Really Platonic?

This is the make-it-or-break-it question in bromance. It is important that you really examine the scope of your relationship and see if it is truly platonic. If it isn’t, then that is not a bromance; it’s a straight up romance. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – just tell it like it really is.

Though there are some other factors that could lead you to conclude you have a bromance, these 5 are a great starting point.


Are there other qualities you can think of that would point to a bromance? Share in the comments below and let your bro know you are thinking of him.

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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