If you own a smart phone, you’ve probably received or sent an emoji—those cloying ideograms can amazingly express your emotions or feelings that text alone just can’t. As cute and innocent as those emoticons may seem to be, some of them are quite questionable and are noticeably vulgar to those of us who are compelled to see the world with sex-fueled pareidolia.

1. Eggplant

Oh, the controversial eggplant. That’s right…the eggplant—that elongated and pleasantly rotund purple vegetable that’s also known as the aubergine in British English. Of all the emojis profiled in this article, this stylized emoticon has raised more brows than you could possibly expect. Come on…who actually texts other people about actual eggplants? So, what does this engorged emoticon remind you of?

2. Banana

This curved, ergonomic fruit is a go-to for certain analogies. When considered for its alleged intelligent design, it makes sense that human hands can’t get enough of it.

3. Peach

The sweet and juicy peach, it’s a summer fruit that many of us can’t wait for to be in season. In several Asian cultures, such as Chinese and Vietnamese, the peach is revered as a symbol of longevity. That being said, this particular emoji brings to mind a popular 90s song, or a certain over-sensationalized article in one of last year’s issue of Paper Magazine pertaining to some person named Kim-somebody-or-another trying to break something call the internet.

4. Fried Shrimp

There’s no for a preface for this one. This thing just looks wrong.

5. Cactus

Hmm…is it just me or does this thing look like it should be battery-operated and vibrating?

6. Pointing Fingers

These extended fingers seem to want to do more than serve as directional cues. For a good time, pair them with that luscious peach emoticon. Or this one:

7. Tongue

An extended and exposed tongue can be rather versatile. When attempting to put this emoji into whatever context that suits your present fancy, focus on it looking only like a stylized tongue and not the subject of a Sir Mix-A-Lot ditty.

8. Face with Open Mouth

This emoji’s gaping mouth can result from many reasonable things—surprise, shock, gasping for air. It can be appropriately used after a response text to a mildly alarming admission. Don’t be surprised to find it lurking next to a strange, cored-out hole found on dividing partitions between public bathrooms stalls.

9. Raised Fist/Fist Pump

If you know the American Sign Language alphabet, this emoji looks like the signed letter “E.” However, add one of those notorious eggplants into the mix, and let your imagination take over.

10. Aries

Never mind that the zodiac symbols have been around since the medieval times, so we can safely assume that ancient ideograms weren’t conceived slyly with a wink. For example, just because the symbol for Cancer looks a sideways “69” doesn’t mean there is a sexual subtext to it. Can’t say the same for the Aries symbol. It always conjures images of a certain biological, reproductive system.


Which emojis that made you blush? Let us know in the comments.

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Tomy Huynh
Tomy Huynh
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