9 of the Punniest Pho Restaurant Names

Phở (pronounded more like fuh) is a Vietnamese noodle soup that’s usually made up of broth, rice noodles, meat, and herbs. It’s served with sides to add on like lots of veggies, hot sauces, onions, bean sprouts, and chili peppers. To the delight of many restaurant owners (and diners), the word pho fits in really nicely with a lot of entertaining American phrases. (To the rest of the restaurant owners who didn’t do something clever…what the heck gives?) Here are some of the punniest pho restaurant names around.

1. What the Phở 

Bothell, Washington is home to What the Phở, which is close to that saying you probably mumble under your breath a few times a day at least.

2. Good Phở You


Los Angeles offers the adorable Good Phở You restaurant. Which is true, we’ve heard that phở is particularly good for hangovers. All that broth and stuff.

3. Phở King


At first glance Phở King in Austin, Texas just seems to be claiming to wear the crown in the phở  world, but then when you pronounce it correctly…

4. 9021-Phở 


Obviously this phở joint is located in Beverly Hills California and thank goodness they had the foresight to utilize the famous zip code in their name. Adorbs. (There are also locations in West Hollywood and Riverside, but whatever.)

5. Phở Sure

In New York you’ll find Phở Sure which you can imagine invoked laughter upon laughter was someone asks you if you want to go to Phở Sure and your respond “Phở Sure.”

6. Phở Shizzle


In Renton, Washington you’ll find Phở Shizzle, which is fo-shizzle counting on a phonetic pronunciation of the word.

7. Phở-Ever Yum


Oh man Los Angeles really kills the pho name game. Phở-Ever Yum? It’s just too good. Round of applause.

8. Phở King Way


Phở King Way (also in Los Angeles) advertises that their phở is fit for a king but they sell shirts that say “Phở King All Night.” You guys!

9. Pho King Delicious


You’ve really got to appreciate the dedication of this one. They really committed and the result is pure magic. I mean really, can you argue with that? If it wasn’t already delicious than it is now.

What do you think, could you come up with a better phở pun than these?

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Kate Ferguson
Kate Ferguson
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