7 Things College Graduates Miss Most

If you’re in college, then we’re super jelly. It’s more than a cliché, what they say, enjoy your college years because they fly by. There should have been more living in the moment and photo taking. For those lucky kids who are still in college, listen up and pay close attention to the memories you make while doing any of the things below. For those who have left your college years behind, let’s reminisce together about our favorite times.


1. A Brand New Notebook

The first page of that new college-ruled notebook was intimidating but exciting at the same time, or perhaps this only applies to the super nerds of the world. It was always daunting to sit there, staring at that first blank, crisp page and have it stare straight back at you. Should I adopt a new handwriting for the occasion? The formatting of this first page will set the tone for this entire class – this moment is not to be taken lightly.  Yea, it was a roller coaster of emotions.


2. Naps

The world needs more mid-Tuesday naps. Or mid-Monday naps or even a mid-Thursday nap here and there. Basically any kind of nap would suffice. Back in the good ‘ol college days, all naps were guilt free. Now, in the present day when we adults take a nap, we don’t actually sleep because we’re too worried there are other, more important things we should be doing with our precious adult time. Adulthood has ruined naps.


3. Eating Junk

Living on frozen pizzas and block cheese, it was a glorious time to be alive. What made it even better was the teenage-like, lightening fast metabolisms ability to fend off any weight gain, and let’s not forget the free group fitness classes. The classes weren’t actually free because you paid for them in tuition, but it sure did feel like you were getting a steal of a deal. Since we’ve transitioned into harsh reality, we now can only stare at those who eat pizza and indulge in cheese because otherwise our love handles start to bulge and our student loan payments eat away at the extra cash we don’t have for a gym membership. Nor do we have the energy to drive 15 minutes to the gym because you know, no naps.


4. Community

Whether it was dorm life or “college house” life, we all knew our neighbors. We jammed to music together during the day and drank together at night. Sometimes vice a versa. In the adult world, nobody does that with their neighbors.


5. The Cafeteria

Sure the food was mostly gross, and sometimes anything but appetizing, but it was nice to never have to cook, or clean for that matter. Get your tray, get your food, leave your tray. Done, done, and definitely done.


6. No Shame Drinking Games

We played games like they were going out of style. Now that we’re older, they actually have gone out of style. Apparently it’s weird if you’re still playing drinking games when your friends have babies strapped to their hips? Yep, I’m that friend that yells “BEER PONG!” and teaches people’s kids how to sink a bounce cup.


7. House Parties

While we’re on the topic – how exhilarating were house parties?! They practically came a dime a dozen and there were likely multiple occurring within a quarter mile radius. We knew how to have a good time. Now, if you want to go out, you probably have to drive and find parking, designate a sober driver, and forget about party-hopping without forking over your lunch money on cover charges. It’s over-rated and rarely do I make it home after my 9:30 p.m. bedtime because you know, no naps.


 Are you in college and loving it? If you’ve graduated, what do you miss most about those years?

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Eli Stewart
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