7 Kids Games That Should Have Been Drinking Games

We’ll be the first to admit that children’s games are great at any age, but the main benefit of playing  as an adult? They’re even better when you add booze! Consider the following:


Also called knucklebones or fivestones, the game of jacks is an old one that definitely should have been played with beer, mead or cider, or whatever it was they drank back in the ancient days. Starting with ten, each player tries to grab as many jacks as they can with one hand during one bounce of the ball. After three tries, take the number of jacks you grabbed and subtract it from ten—and start drinking. If you’ve got great reflexes you’ll stay pretty sober, but if not, this one could get out of hand fast.


Who didn’t play this game at the end of gym class when there was 10 minutes to kill before the bell? All players line up behind the free throw line and the two at the front have a basket-throwing face-off. Obviously, the one who makes the basket first wins and is safe from drinking. The loser drinks up.

I Spy

On a road trip or waiting in line for a midnight movie, I Spy was the trusty go-to time killer. Now, when you have some delicious alcohol to burn, allow I Spy to come to your rescue once more. If you can’t guess what the other person is spying, take a drink—one for every guess, if you feel lucky (or dangerous). This also works well with that other beloved classic, 21 questions.

Double Dutch

As one of the more active children’s game on the list, it adds a bit more excitement—not to mention hilarity—to toss in the drinking factor. Try to jump in and out of the double dutch-ing as many times as you can but be beware, every time you jack up the rhythm, you have to take a drink. And the more you drink, the more mistakes you’ll make!

Musical Chairs

Whether you’re at a bar or at a house party, chances are likely that you’ve got some tunes in the background. Crank up the volume, set up a ring of chairs and fight your neighbor for a seat when the music stops. If you’re the lone ranger left standing, take a drink. As the night goes on, try not to take things too personally … and maybe don’t play this one with anyone who tends toward bar fights.

Heads Up, 7 Up

Who didn’t absolutely love playing this game at the end of the day in elementary school? That feeling you got when somebody touched your thumb was so exhilarating. To ramp up the excitement, add some adult beverages to the festivities. If you’re a chosen ‘picker’ and you get guessed, you drink. If you’re a guesser and you guess your ‘picker’ incorrectly, you drink.


Ah, telephone—the game that was hilarious even stone cold sober. And if everyone was drunk, it would be 10 times better. Just get a drink in your hand and sip while you try to relay messages down the line. You’ll be lucky if you get something halfway understandable by the end.


What were your favorite childhood games? Which ones would be improved by booze?




Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart
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