Funny Exam Answers That Show How Clever Students Are

If you don’t know the right answer to a test question, you should always put something down anyway. While your best bet is to jot down an answer that might get you partial credit, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a bit of comedy to the class if you’re completely clueless. If you can’t get a good grade, you might as well get a good laugh, right? Check out some of the funniest no-clue exam answers.

Put A Ring On It

Even though Saturn has 500 to 1,000 rings, no one knows the exact reason why they exist. There are plenty of different theories, which is why this student makes a good argument. After all, when in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to bring up Beyonce.

Mark Is A Man

In this situation Mark is actually more reliable than Mary because he surveyed more people than she did, and we all know the more people you survey, the more accurate your findings are going to be. Of course, men do think they’re always right, so Mark’s conclusion might have nothing to do with his analytical approach. He might just be cocky.


The first cells existed about 3.8 billion years ago. Even though there’s a lot this student could’ve said about the difference between the first cells and current human cells, the answer they provided is pretty clever. If cells had feelings, the first ones would’ve be mighty lonely.

Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Students love to doodle in class, which isn’t a bad thing, because it can actually help you pay attention. That’s why this student decided to take doodling to a whole new level. Instead of doing it while their teacher spoke, they did it during an actual test. No word on whether or not it paid off…but that page looks awfully blank otherwise, so we’re thinking not.


This student took their instructions a little too literally. Even though they were meant to state if one number was greater than or less than the other one, they just wrote “or” for every answer. They probably didn’t earn any points, but you have to admit that there’s some logic there—sort of.

Swimming In Polluted Water

Sometimes writing down more information on a test than you need to won’t earn you any bonus points. Even though this student started out strong by giving the correct answer, they ended up showing their true colors by the end of the test. Of course, the teacher scolded them for it, because being a bully is never a good thing.

Risky Business

Sometimes, being clever in class will pay off in a big way, depending on the nature of both the teacher and the course. This student, for instance, actually got credit for giving a smart-ass—and strangely wise—answer. After all, it’s always a great idea to take risks in life.

Common Sense

There’s no reason to use a complicated method to figure out an answer when you can take the simple approach. That’s why most parents are trying to stop schools from teaching Common Core math to their children. Why make things harder than they should be, especially if nature has already given you all the tools you need?


Even though chores can help children feel like they have a purpose and teach them responsibility, not all parents force their children to do work around the house. This student may not know the importance of hard work, but at least they know the value of honesty, and some good vocabulary words to boot!

Finding X



Most students are sick of being asked to find X, which is meant to represent an actual number. After all, it’s usually right there on the page, so why should they spend their precious time looking for it?

What subject do you consider to be the hardest? Would you have gotten away with any of these at your school?




Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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