What’s Cookin’? 5 Vegan Thanksgiving Dishes to Gobble Up

This holiday season, we’ve hunted down 5 vegan Thanksgiving recipes for our readers to feast on. No need to munch on a raw carrot in a corner of the dining room this season when we’ve got recipes for stuffing, salad, gravy, meatless meatloaf, and pumpkin pie that are sure to be your new favorites.

Vegan Sourdough Stuffing

This recipe from One Green Planet is vegan, plus the sourdough bread is packed with vitamins and minerals. Shared by a vegan personal trainer, this recipe is full of herbs, vegetables, and flavor. The stuffing takes around 30 minutes to prep and 30 mouth-watering minutes to bake in the oven, during which you can enjoy the aromatic smells of garlic, sage, and thyme as it fills your kitchen. You can grab a fork and enjoy the overeating of your vegan Thanksgiving solo, or join in the holiday spirit of giving and share this vegan take on stuffing with the whole family.

Cranberry Orange Quinoa Salad

To keep you awake and out of your food coma spot on the couch after your, we found this lighter holiday recipe from Family Spice. This quick and easy recipe should only take about 30 minutes to prepare and a little extra time in the fridge to cool. You’ll need the obvious ingredients, in addition to fresh kale, honey, mixed nuts, pomegranate seeds, and, if preferred, a fresh mint leaf. Who needs cranberry-orange bread when this take on the duo won’t leave you feeling guilty and snoring on your mother’s sofa by early afternoon. It’s a great addition to your vegan Thanksgiving table!

Vegan Thanksgiving Gravy, Hold the Turkey

Nutritional yeast is the pinch of love that makes this recipe from Food52 as good as the original. The gravy’s herbs are easy to adjust based on your flavor preference and takes only about 15 minutes to make. The recipe calls for either chickpea or brown rice flour, but whatever you normally use should do the trick. The gravy is great with mashed potatoes, and is health conscious too, so feel free to pour it generously onto all of your vegan Thanksgiving dishes.

Meatless Loaf

Now that you’re a little older, you don’t have to cringe at the word “meatloaf,” especially now that you have this great recipe from FatFree Vegan Kitchen that makes a great main course for your vegan Thanksgiving! Though it doesn’t boast a meat-like taste or texture, the ingredients produce a tender and delicious Thanksgiving-esque dish in under two hours. Mashed sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, and tofu are featured components, but the loaf still has the crispy outer coating of traditional meatloaf. The combination of fall herbs (parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme) come together in perfect merriment for the loaf to stand alone, though a ladle of our gravy recipe would be a nice accent.

Bourbon-Laced Pumpkin Pie with Walnut Crumble Topping

Vegans can have a little fun on Thanksgiving with this recipe from Allyson Kramer. This dish is a little more complex, so you may need to hold off on “sampling” the bourbon until after the pie is in the oven. Perfect with a dollop of coconut whipped cream, this recipe requires a bit more prep and a longer process, though the result will leave you savoring every last bite. You have to get your fill of pumpkin somehow; and whether you’re using fresh or canned, you may just have to put your feet up on the coffee table to enjoy this one. It’s a great way to put a decadent finish on your vegan Thanksgiving.


What are your favorite vegan recipes for the holiday season? After trying some of our dishes, would you add them to your recipe book?