License plates as a form of self-expression is a burgeoning concept. For a mere 90 dollars a year, you too can express your personality by inserting insults and innuendos of all kinds on the back of your moving vehicle.  Check out these curious license plates.


1. This Virginia plate is certainly odd since it seems to contain an unusual menu selection. One can only imagine what lies beyond the plate and inside their trunk. What on earth are they thinking? But do we really want to know? Ultimately, if you hear screams or banging as you pass this car, call 911.

2. Although it may be obvious why the plate below was rejected by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, no one can offer a guess as to why someone thought this plate would be approved. (Or did they..?)

3. This plate is likely to stop traffic in more ways than one. Although it does take more than a bit of courage to sport a plate like this, one can only wonder about how this adventurous driver spends their Saturday nights.

4. Brunettes and redheads can be just as…shall we say, original in their choice of license plates. Still, this is a statement in its own unique way; maybe blondes do have more fun…

5. Be extra careful if you find yourself riding behind this maniac. It doesn’t matter if it’s actually licensed or not. After all, why not take matters into your own hands and make things worse whenever and wherever you can?

6. One can only contemplate the names this woman discarded before settling on this one. It has a certain je ne sais quoi about it, the dimensions and aromas of which can only be imagined.

7. Such a plate on a yellow car seems about as intelligent as the upside down blond one. Perhaps it was selected out of consideration for the color blind among us who might wonder what color is the car in front of them.

8. If you are riding in back of a car with a plate like this, watch for swerves and sudden turns. Do not smile if you dare to pass. You may be dealing with a volatile situation.

9. I wonder if she has evil daughters and a niece named Cinderella, too… Either way, she’s a proud mom.

10. Idiot driving, or is the idiot in the car behind, stuck in traffic reading this plate?

11. Perhaps a misspelling of thank you? Not likely. This one is down for a race and a romp.

12. As far as this Oklahoma plate goes, if the shoe (or in this case, plate) fits, wear it!

13. #NotallFordBronco owners are created equal, but this driver felt the need to differentiate himself from O.J. Simpson; probably the most notorious owner of a vehicle like this.

14. Coupled with road rage, there isn’t a better combo possible while traveling.

15. Verb or acronym?

16. Well, they’re doing their best to promote amity and kindness throughout the world.

17. This one probably shouldn’t be driving. Or maybe the green adds something extra special for onlookers?

Have fun with these plates and get one for yourself … if you dare…



Do you have a vanity plate? Do you think a vanity plate could reveals more than maybe a driver may want?




M. Dee Dubroff
M. Dee Dubroff
My name is Marjorie Dorfman and I am also known as M Dee Dubroff. I am a freelance writer and former teacher originally from Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of New York University, I taught in New York City schools for a few years before finding my true calling as a writer. I now live in Doylestown, PA with one cat named Mr. Biscuit and my significant other, a graphics artist and former designer of postage stamps, both of whom keep me on my toes at all times.