You think you have it bad when your in-laws stay for the weekend? The rekindled rivalries. The spectrum of love reaching from abusive to dismissive. Imagine how it must feel having a stranger come into your house and paint the walls with a smattering of feces murals depicting the 2016 presidential race (this is a hypothetical).

It’s the exact sort of thing that would warrant a no good, terrible, very bad review.

We were curious about the worst of the worst and we know you are too!

Worst AirBnB Stays Ever!!!

Check out the top “bad” reviews starting……..


Princess Cry-a-ry

This review, dare we say novella, came from “Chelsea” and the way she speaks about the situation leads us to believe she’s most likely a landlord or a customer service rep for the company. She had this to say:

“This by far was my worst AirBnB experience. It almost put me off hosting anyone else. She [the guest] was extremely high maintenance and nothing could satisfy her. There was a problem with the internet and cable when she arrived. I had both my hosts over trying to help and they figured there was no problem with the internet, just the wireless.

“They got the wireless working but she overwhelmed them and insisted on free breakfast, having them take the trash out, and run them some errands. She harassed my hosts in person and also calling/texting throughout all hours. Mainly because she couldn’t figure out how to use the cable, which I explained to her, and so did both of my hosts.

“She refused to listen insisting that I was missing a cable. Turns out I wasn’t missing anything. After her departure my hosts were finally able to calmly check the system and everything had been working the entire time. Still she complained to AirBnB and got her bill cut in half. DO NOT HOST THIS GIRL unless you want to serve a Princess that will never be satisfied.”

My Baggage Is Fierce And Heavy

Host “Andrew” had this little story to tell; it’s also kind of a rebuttal of a bad review he received from the guest. I’m starting to see a pattern here…

“A most difficult guest. After telling her that the apartment was not available until the afternoon, [the guest], though she received my message, whined because my check-in time didn’t suit here and came to the apartment anyway at 11:30 while the other guest was still there. This was embarrassing to the [current] guest, and to me as a host, and yet [the new guest] felt that she was the one who was wronged and wrote in my review that ‘when I got to the apartment, another guest was there…’

“…she also complained about how heavy her suitcases were. Again, not my fault how she chose to pack days or weeks before arriving at my apartment. Her communication was whiny and passive aggressive….

“…I regret having accepted her booking…”

I Prefer My Coffee With Lots Of Cream, In Fact, Just Give Me The Cream…

Emil, another host, said that his guests turned out to be straight up old fashioned racists. The kind that make America seem so lovable and endearing.

“I went out of my way to please them and they were rude. You can read their review on my page and see the utter racism they displayed to me and insulting my family and my neighbors. [The Guests] blame me for everything from the rain, to African American living in DC, to burning her hand making oatmeal, and even said my coffee wasn’t as good as what her husband had in Australia.”


These are just a few right off the top of the search list, but there are pages and pages of this stuff. Have you seen an especially gruesome review? Have you had a terrible, feces-ridden experience while staying at someone’s AirBnB? Let us know! Comment below and share on Facebook!