Michael Phelps is an amazing athlete. There shouldn’t have to be any qualifiers to this sentiment. Bored with retirement, he decided he would have another go at it in the Olympics, and it seems that this year he is in better shape than ever. So, as his medal count grows, it makes sense that his popularity would rise. Of course, he probably isn’t a big fan of some of the memes that have popped up recently. Regardless of what he might think, here are the best Phelps memes so far.

Weeding Through The Phelps Memes

Who could resist such an easy pun? Though the medal count is off now, you may remember last time the Olympics were around the whole “Phelps smokes weed” scandal. Frankly, if he can smoke weed and still bring home 23 gold medals, everyone should just let him be. This may not be the best photoshop job out there, but it is definitely a note-worthy meme.

Just Keep Swimming

Questions like this always seem a bit strange. Like, who actually prepares to be stranded on a desert island and then has these three items available when it actually happens? While the question might be silly, there is nothing strange about this particular answer. If you are stranded on an island, having Phelps as your ride out would probably work. This guy is a beast.

Though Only China Did This

“It wins the gold or else it gets the hose again.” This is likely what Phelp’s vicious handlers say before they force him to jump in the freezing cold pool for another 1,000 meters of practice. OK, that is not at all true. Apparently, Phelps is a fan of cupping to promote his blood flow, but this meme explains it in a much more humorous way.

Phelps Is Angry

Maybe there is something in the pool water at Rio. Whatever the case might be, Phelps making this face was probably one of the best things to happen to the internet during these Olympics.

That Face Makes Phelps Memes Easy

If Phelps has the right to be angry with anyone, Chad Le Clos is that person. Who wouldn’t be mad with someone messing up their gold medal streak. Hopefully Phelps doesn’t really think this meme is a good idea though.

Phelps On Display

Not sure if anyone is using this image to create memes, but the picture by itself seems to belong here too. Let’s be honest. Phelps should probably be on display in some sort of aquarium after he finishes this year. He may be the closest thing to a real-life Aquaman we will ever know.


Are there any other Michael Phelps memes that you think deserve to be on this list? Which of these do you find the funniest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Bonus – This “What If” Scenario

This one may not be a single meme, but it has definitely earned its place here.

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harvey mistake



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