Why “It Takeis Two” Is Guaranteed To Be A Hit

Few actors can transcend their roles and become a pop culture icon like George Takei. Being ever-diligent on social media and ready to throw out his next pun, he has become a major contributor in the fight for gay rights. Perhaps just as significant, he has become a general pop culture legend, giving something for gay and straight people alike to unite behind.

With that in mind, his new web series “It Takeis Two” is guaranteed to be a hit and it sure is off to a great start.

The First Episode

This first episode is likely going to set the pace for the entire series and though it is short it definitely gives viewers a good feel for Takei’s signature sense of humor. Brad’s reaction to his internet memes is probably all too common among those with less internet experience and as George explains how the internet works you can see the tension between the two.

George points out “You can’t Klingon to trolls,” which of course integrates his rather keen interest in the use of puns.

Brad Takei makes his own notable contribution to this episode as well, showing that he not only plays his part in the marriage but also is able to add to the comedic value of the show. I mean, seriously Brad!? Those accents…

The Brilliance of George Takei

Of course, those who follow George Takei on either Facebook or Twitter already know just how funny this man can be. He has the innate ability to make those around him laugh and can take even the most serious matters and turn them into something amusing. There is a reason that he inspires so many people around the world, and it is not just his acting career.

Some Recent Tweets

If you don’t believe me, check out some of his recent tweets.

A fine example of his punny skills.

And this rip-off is definitely something you need to see to believe.

Do you like dinosaurs? How about hungry hippos?

And this one just shows that he is able to get out and have fun.

Respect the Takei

Regardless of whether you were a fan of Star Trek or any of his other work, it is hard not to give a nod to George Takei for his constant upbeat sense of humor and his unwavering ability to work with what he has. It is probably safe to say that he has made more of a splash for the gay equality movement than just about anyone else around and most of this was accomplished just by living his life as a genuinely friendly guy.


Do you plan on watching It Takeis Two going forward? What other celebrities do you feel bring their presence both on and off screen?




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Joseph Macolino
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