This Is What Happens When You Cosplay as an Adult

Things change when you get older: your weight fluctuates, you have more money but less time, and you generally find yourself yelling at teenagers more than you expected to. Not all adults, including myself, ever completely “grow up” and only selectively mature. Cosplaying is a hobby that many people say is for kids or for insanely attractive women who can pull it off still. I’m here to say that you can still cosplay as “an adult” and that it’s even more fun now that you don’t need a parent’s permission slip just to get in.

Money Isn’t (As Much) Of a Problem

Even with bills and loans, it’s still safe to say that most adults still have more money than a 15 year-old in high school. We have jobs, we can save money and plan ahead, and our only source of income isn’t allowance from our parents. Being older means we can afford better materials for our cosplays, get better props and accessories, and not stick to the ramen and free water bottle diet that many people see at conventions.

Being Able to Legally Drink Kicks Ass

Sixteen year-olds will somehow find ways to get alcohol, that’s a given. But it’s still dangerous for them, it’s not easy to find, and they have a habit of not knowing when to stop. Once you hit level 21, you can go to bars (in cosplay), stay out until 5 AM drunk (in cosplay), and make all of the mistakes you would at 16, except legally, and in cosplay.

You Can Pull Off Your Favorite Characters Much Better Now

When I was 19, I looked a little too young to dress up as some older characters that I thought were badass. A few years later, I’m able to afford the costume, look the part, and even drink the part – hey, it’s in character now. Granted, a lot of Japanese characters do look young, but for the more action-packed games and shows, having a little experience will help you look the part a bit more.

It’s Better Than Online Dating

The great thing about cosplaying and conventions is that when you walk in, you can be sure that you’ll become friends with almost everyone there. You’re all dorks, gamers, and nerds. That being said, there’s no need to try to find a fellow cosplayer now – just go to a convention and start chatting!

There Will Always Be Naysayers

If you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s and cosplay, there will be those who think it’s just for kids. But there will always be people who disagree with things you love, so why let that stop you? Cosplay is a fun hobby that brings people together, it helps form friendships that last a lifetime, and it’s simple, harmless fun.

You’re never too old to do what you love, even if it is dressing up as a video game character with a giant sword.

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Alex Landa
Alex Landa
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