3 of the Strangest American Driving Laws Involving Animals

Getting stuck in traffic is really stressful. Throw animals into the mix and there’s bound to be chaos. Good thing driving laws specifically mention how to treat animals when they’re sharing the road with drivers. From domestic pets to livestock, below are the five craziest traffic and driving laws involving animals in the U.S.


I never thought driving under the influence (DUI) could apply to a person riding an animal. Well, so does the state of Utah.

A drunk person who is riding an animal or driving an animal-drawn vehicle on a roadway is exempted from sanctions for alcohol- or drug-related traffic offenses in the state.

Great, you got past the cops. Now, how about a breath of fresh air to ease that hangover? Ride that horse, cowboy!

Oops, but not too fast in The Ocean State, okay? In Rhode Island, the law does not permit horse racing on the highways. The same goes for riding a horse to test its speed on state roads.


Why did the chicken cross the road (and not become roadkill)? Well, mainly because they can, and because they’re protected by the law — at least they are in Wisconsin. According to the state’s Rules of the Road, motorists should give way to livestock. Livestock includes chickens but also horse, pigs and even farm-raised fish.

But if chickens need not fear the highways in America’s Dairyland, it’s quite the opposite for chickens in Quitman, Georgia. In the Empire State of the South, it is illegal for chickens to cross the road. Best to keep them in their coops, eh?


Last but not least is this law about dogs. This canine is man’s best friend, but if they have a strange fetish for vehicles, better keep them at home or risk getting them impounded by animal control officers in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. In this Kentucky city, it is illegal for dogs to “molest” passing vehicles.


Did we miss any other strange laws that mix driving and animals? Tell us below in the comments!



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