UFOs in Bakersfield: Are They Ready to Touch Down?

People all around the world have been fascinated by the idea of the supernatural for all of human history. Though aliens are perhaps a more recent fascination, the truth is that humanity is constantly looking for something beyond this world. You may have noticed that some news organizations have been reporting about possible UFO sightings in Bakersfield, California recently. Though you may not realize this isn’t the first sighting in the city.

The Recent “UFO”

Early April, 2015, there were multiple reports from residents in Bakersfield of a strange blue light in the sky. As you can see in the news report, the light moved through the sky in an erratic pattern, something that is not possible with any man-made aircraft as we understand them.

Of course the officials dismiss it as the possibility of a civilian drone, kite with lights, or an aurora in the sky. But, everyone knows you can’t trust these so-called “officials.”

The 2013 Sighting

Back in 2013, there were other reports in Bakersfield about a similar phenomenon, one amateur astronomer actually looking at it closely with his telescope. See what he has to say.

Could this area be a hot spot for alien activity?

How About 2012?

The answer is “yes” apparently.

Though this sighting is not the same blue light, it certainly seems that there is a history of sightings in this area.

And Then This Story . . . 

Back in about “’55 or ’56,’” there was another UFO sighting right outside Bakersfield. Though there are no images around about this sighting, you can see this man recount his experience during that time.

So, are the aliens getting ready to touch down 60 years later or are the more recent sighting unrelated to this man’s story?

The Truth is Out There

It is hard to believe that so many different witnesses would claim to see the same thing on the same night. What makes this particular area more interesting is that there seems to be repetitive sightings over the years. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but how likely is that?


Do you think that there are aliens currently surveying us on earth? If not, do you believe in aliens?




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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