It doesn’t matter how patient of a person you are, if you’ve ever been behind the wheel, then you’ve experienced a bit of road rage. And with that road rage comes some horrible fantasies of what you want to do to all the dumb asses out there driving.

Well, here are seven of the most psychotic thoughts we’ve all had while driving, only these guys didn’t just think it, they did it!

Ride My Ass, I Dare You

We’ve all experienced the jerk that won’t get off your ass no matter how many times you slow down or jack your brakes. Nope, he just sticks to your bumper like glue. Instead of cursing and yelling, do what this guy did and simply beat in his windshield. I bet he can’t follow so close now.

Get Off the Damn Phone

Well, somebody’s got to do it. Although many of us are guilty of playing with our phones while driving, this guy has had enough. Hit his car while texting, say goodbye to your low insurance rates and your new iPhone.

Merging can be dangerous

You know what it’s like to sit there at the on ramp in a traffic jam, watching car after car drive by without letting you in. While apparently this guy’s waited long enough. If you don’t let him through, he’ll put a cap in your ass

Park In Your Own Spot

Don’t you just hate the guy who always double parks? It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s at the mall or at home, someone’s always blocking the best spot because they don’t know how to fit a car between two lines. Well, this guy’s had it. If you don’t want to keep your car in your space, don’t worry, he doesn’t mind moving it for you.

Respect the Bike

Motorcycles have their spot on the road, but many drivers don’t like to share the space and treat bikes like they are other vehicles instead of giving them the distance and respect they deserve. Well, this guy’s tired of it and he’s not afraid to show it.

I Want to Talk to You

Oh, boy. Not only did this a-hole get you pissed off, but when you go to confront him, he doesn’t even have the curtesy to roll down his window. Don’t want to talk to me, huh? Well, there’s an easy way to fix that: With my fist.

I Said Back the Hell Off

Eff off to the jackasses that can’t give a car a little personal space. When someone’s up on you, trying to get around you when you’re in a hurry, be like these guys and show them who’s tough. Yeah. I bet this gun’s bigger than yours. Now back the hell off.

Ah, road rage. It makes us all a little psychotic at times.


Have you ever done anything crazy because of some idiot on the road? If so, we want to know. Share it in the comments.

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Molly Carter
Molly Carter
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