The Weirdest Roadside Attractions

When you’re on a road trip, but don’t need to be anywhere at a certain time, it’s tempting to hit up all of the roadside attractions you come across. However, some of them aren’t as impressive as others. Of course, they will all make for interesting topics of conversation when you tell your friends about your trip. Here are some of the weirdest roadside attractions people actually stop to take a look at.

World’s Largest Ball Of Paint

In Indiana, there’s a large ball of paint hanging from a hook with a circumference of 14 feet and a weight of 2.5 tons. The ball started out as a normal baseball, but in 1977, Michael Carmichael asked his son to cover it in paint. After that, his entire family started to add layers of paint to the ball every single day for decades. Now his little baseball has become a roadside attraction and visitors are allowed to make an appointment to help his family paint the ball.

 The Paper House

If you’re impressed by architecture, you might enjoy taking a look around a house made completely out of paper. The project started in Massachusetts in 1922, when a man named Elis F. Stenman tried to create his summer home out of paper as a hobby. Now, it has become a tourist attraction with paper walls and furniture. The paper house even has a paper piano and a desk.

Cadillac Ranch

If you’re in Texas, you can stop at Cadillac Ranch, an area of land that has several Cadillacs stuck in the ground. The front of the Cadillac’s are gone, while the trunks stick up into the air, and although there are many myths about why they were placed there, no one knows the real story. Over the years, these Cadillacs  have had names scratched into them and paint throw on them, but the vandalism only added to their appeal and beauty.

World’s Largest Talking Cow

When you visit Wisconsin, you can visit Chatty Belle, the world’s largest talking cow. She’s 16 feet high and 20 feet long. Unfortunately, her voice box doesn’t always work, so you might not be that impressed by her and her son, but they are perfect for taking pictures in front of.

Gnome Reserve

Ann Atkin owns more than 2,000 gnomes. Instead of keeping them all in her home, she created a gnome reserve that is open to the public. Anyone who visits is able to wear one of her gnome hats as they stroll through the collection of garden decorations. If you happen to visit England, you should stop by this attraction in Devon.

Bubblegum Alley

If you want to visit an attraction you can contribute to, then visit Bubblegum Alley in California. It’s basically just a narrow alleyway filled with used gum. If you can actually find a clean spot on the wall, you can place your own piece of gum against it for future generations to see.


Would you actually stop to visit any of these strange attractions? Share your favorite odd attraction.




Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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