Vertical Gardens In Mexico City Helping Clean Up The Streets

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Vertical Gardens In Mexico City Helping Clean Up The Streets

Photo of vertical garden in Mexico City

Mexico City has a problem. Like other major cities around the world, the city has been dealing with a serious air pollution problem for a number of years. Now vertical gardens are being developed as one part of a campaign to improve the air in the city.

The air quality in Mexico City was once so bad that the city was infamous for it. In fact, the air in the city is so bad that more than half of residents have respiratory problems because of the pollutions, according to some estimates. With ozone levels well above what is recommended as being safe by the World Health Organization, as well as frequent air pollution emergencies, it is clear that Mexico City must address its air quality problem.

Thanks to series of efforts that started back in the 1980s, the air pollution is now on par with Los Angeles. Despite the improvements, there are citizen groups that are pushing for even more changes. Massive vertical gardens are one of the initiatives being promoted by the citizen groups.

Groups like VerdMX have been promoting rooftop and vertical gardens for several years. The vertical gardens can be seen at intersections as living sculptures, on the walls of buildings, and on the tall columns beneath elevated highways. The highway pillar gardens are part of an effort known as the Via Verde Project.

The vertical gardens serve several functions. The gardens are intended to help address some of the city’s significant air quality problems, while also improving the appearance and aesthetics of the city. In a jungle of concrete, oases of green are beginning to appear.

The vertical garden advocates know that installing more gardens will not fix the air pollution problem in the city by itself. The gardens are instead viewed as one part of a larger solution that includes reducing pollution and increasing green space.


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