It’s almost swimsuit season, have you stuck to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Yeah, me either. It’s never too late to start eating healthier and exercising, though. Just because you may not reach your weight goals in 2016 doesn’t mean that you can’t have a rocking beach bod in 2017. While the diets below may work, we don’t necessarily recommend them. Read about these crazy diet trends and be glad you ate that extra piece of cake last week instead of partaking in one of these.

The Fat Black Diet

Any diet with the word “fat” in the name is going to get some attention and, honestly, I can’t believe this is the first that I’m hearing of this. The main premise behind this crazy diet trend, which gives the name more meaning, is, instead of mixing the traditional creamer into your coffee each morning, plop a couple of pieces of pure butter into your cup of joe. The fat black diet trend was created by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey who claims that drinking a serving of oil-rich coffee every day helped him lose almost 80 pounds. Asprey first thought of bringing the butter coffee beverage to the states when he was offered yak butter in his coffee while in Nepal. I’m one of the biggest butter fans you’ll meet, but even this is a stretch for me.

Ear Stapling

No, we didn’t mean “mouth stapling,” although that would also probably aid in weight loss; there is a crazy diet trend involving ear stapling. The idea behind this diet stems from the belief of acupuncture that our appetite is controlled by an area of the ear. If you have gotten your ears pierced, you are prepared to undergo ear stapling, which involves a similar procedure. The theory is that the constant pressure on a certain area of your ear will prevent the urge to overeat. Now, this sounds great, but there is no science behind this diet trend. People who have given this method a shot have sometimes gotten infections or even deformities.

Breatharian Diet

The breatharian diet is one of the cheapest diet trends that you can try. After all, the only element you need to participate is air. If you get rid of all of the food and water that you currently ingest on a daily basis and just breathe, then you’re a breatharian. The bigger picture is to attempt to align yourself with the universe, this way, your body won’t require food or water for survival. I’ll take a cheeseburger and fries with my breath, please.

Diet Bet

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is on DietBet. If no other diet trend seems to be working for you, it’s time to get money involved. The premise behind this crazy diet is simple. Just create a profile on the website and join a game. As you keep losing weight, you’ll win real money! For instance, there is a six month challenge to lose 10 percent of your current body weight. You pay $25/month and, if at the end of the six months you’ve successfully completed the challenge, you and the other winners split the pot! DietBet places monetary value on your weight loss journey, which is an interesting premise and incentive.


What is the craziest diet trend you have ever tried?

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Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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