This Amazing Street Art is Only Visible When it Rains

Do you remember the joy of holding a note written in invisible ink over a flame to watch a secret message appear? One street artist takes invisible ink to a new level to capture the same awe on the streets of Seattle. Peregrine Church makes people smile on rainy days with positive messages that appear when it rains – Rainworks!

How does it work? Church uses stencils and a biodegradable, environment-friendly, water-repellant coating on the sidewalk. When it rains, the sidewalk gets wet but the stenciled area stays dry and visible. He has created 25 to 30 pieces around the city, often unbeknownst to residents until a downpour.

“It’s sort of the ideal Seattle art,” Church says in an introductory video. “It’s going to rain no matter what. Why not do something cool with it?”

Check out how he does it in the video below. The next time you’re in Seattle, keep your eyes aimed low for a surprise message. We all know what the Space Needle looks like; why not hunt for a surprise?

Fancy making your own, less permanent guerilla street art? Break out your blender and make moss graffiti! Forage for moss from pavement, damp bricks, cement walkway, etc. Wash the moss well to get as much dirt off as possible.

After breaking the moss into manageable pieces, add buttermilk or yogurt, water or beer, and sugar. Blend it until your moss milk has a paint-like consistency. Then let your inner Picasso run wild and apply it to the surface of your choice with a paintbrush. Be sure to check up on it and spray it with water a few times a week to encourage growth.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to wash your blender before your next smoothie!


What’s the coolest street art you’ve seen? Let us know where you saw it in the comments!




Carrisa Pawell
Carrisa Pawell
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