Sushi Donuts? WTH Is Going On In This World?

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August 29, 2016
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Sushi Donuts? WTH Is Going On In This World?

Most people find joy in eating both sushi and donuts. Two foods located at opposite ends of the spectrum, but both are delicious. Would they taste good combined, though? People of the internet, we introduce to you… sushi donuts. Don’t get too excited, though. These beautiful creations don’t contain any actual dough and they aren’t fried like our favorite breakfast items. They’re just sushi shaped in a circle with a hole in the middle. This begs the question; will humans eat anything that looks like a donut?

Meet The Genius

The next time you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, search for So Beautifully Raw. This is the IG account, run by a food artist named Sam, behind sushi donuts. As her account name suggests, she photographs both raw desserts and cooked food for Vegans. This may sound like any normal foodie account, but her images are simply stunning. Even if you don’t know what ingredients are in each dish, you’ll want to indulge in them.

Sam’s sushi donuts have caused a stir because, like everything else she cooks, it looks like a work of art. These aren’t something you’re going to make every day, but if your creative juices are flowing and you need an outlet, why not try rolling your homemade sushi into a circle? Sam’s method of accomplishing this is by simply putting cooled wet rice into a small donut mold pan, which you can buy pretty much anywhere. From there, you can it with any and all of your favorite sushi ingredients. Try arranging them in aesthetically pleasing ways as Sam does to really make an impression.

Too Beautiful To Eat?

Following Sam’s lead, several other IGers made their own sushi donuts. I love sushi (and donuts for the record), but if I was at a restaurant (I’m already convinced I couldn’t create something as beautiful as these food artists have) and was served a creation as beautiful as the ones below, I don’t think I could eat it. Take a look at these sushi donut concoctions below and see if you agree.

IGer saltnpepperhere used her leftover sushi to create these tropical-looking sushi donuts. As with Sam’s sushi, there is no meat in these rolls, either. By placing them each on their own leaf, you can just picture yourself enjoying one (or all) of these on a beach somewhere in paradise.

One of rhiannonbradshaw’s sushi donuts looks just like Sam’s, but then she was inspired to also make her own variety. The golden one reflects the original one by including sliced cucumbers instead of avocado, but it certainly maintains its own identity and looks very…juicy? Not sure if that is a good word to describe sushi, but it looks very refreshing.


Would you try a sushi donut?




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